Our hair removal tool just went VIRAL

Our Premium lint pet hair removal tool just went VIRAL and it’s easy to see why!

We have sourced what we believe is the BEST pet hair removal tool currently available in the UK. We have been testing many different hair remover tools recently and have never come across something as effective or easy to use as our premium lint pet hair removal tool.

The tool is such a basic but amazingly effective tool it has been getting rave reviews and is currently ALL over the internet! 

Our customers are completely blown away, see some of our reviews below:

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"Better than my vacuum - Literally better than a vacuum. I am blown away. Customer service was phenomenal as well."

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"Get one, you NEED it - This is absolutely insanely good. I was skeptical but bought it anyway. I never ever leave reviews but I couldnt not with this, look at the carpet!"

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"PERFECT! - Stopped halfway through cleaning the dogs mat to take a picture as I'm amazed!!! Thanks Spare and Square."


Our Premium Pet Hair Removal Tool


All our customers have been getting fantastic results. Lots of pet owners vacuum daily and have still be removing HUGE piles of fur and fluff from the carpets and upholstery that gets vacuumed.

Fur removed from carpet thats vacuum every single day!


It’s easy to see why this tool has been so popular with the amazing results our customers have been seeing.

Please be aware we are seeing more and more imitation tools that look remarkably similar to ours appearing. Not only are these very often not in UK stock so take weeks to arrive, but the build quality is extremely poor and could damage your carpets or upholstery.

Make sure you order the ORIGINAL and the BEST hair remover tool on the market, our Spare and Square Premium Lint Pet Hair Remover, only available directly via us!



Due to going viral over the past week or so, we keep running out of stock, but have thousands on back order and now have a constant supply of these landing with us daily. If we don’t have a physical item in stock at the time of order, your order will go on back order and all orders will be fulfilled in order that we receive them.