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Fridge Freezer Spares

Fridge Freezer Spares

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A faulty fridge freezer can lead to an incredible amount of financial, food and energy waste, so swiftly restore your kitchen appliance with our fridge freezer spares. 

Our stock includes functional items like heaters, motors and fridge freezer thermostats and decorative components like door handles and fridge freezer door flaps and fronts.

For extensive spares for fridges and freezers, perfect for makes and models of popular kitchen manufacturers, rely on Spare and Square.

Ensure your food remains safely in line with hygiene standards and, most importantly, tastes fresh by maintaining a competent fridge and freezer. 

Our range of fridge freezer spares makes it easy to keep your appliances in the best condition possible. 

Utilise fridge freezer bulbs, filters and motors to restore technical issues. In addition, we recommend investing in our genuine or universal fridge freezer thermostats, so you can efficiently and quickly monitor the temperature within the appliance.

Keep the contents of your fridge or freezer separated with handy shelves and replacement draw flaps and fronts. Doing so keeps your space organised and avoids potential contamination.

Browse all of our spares for fridges and freezers to find what you need, or feel free to get in touch with us if you can’t find what you’re looking for. 

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