How to clean your BBQ ready for the summer!

One of last year’s most popular products was our specially designed and manufactured BBQ cleaning stones, and it’s easy to see why.

Cleaning barbecue grills can be a tough job, and there are various methods you can try but most are time consuming, dirty jobs that have hazards including the use of harsh chemicals or using wire brushes that can be very dangerous.

See the below link to find out more about the consequences of using the wrong cleaning tool on your BBQ:

Our BBQ cleaning bricks are designed to be a fast, easy and extremely effective way to clean your grills and griddles. The specially designed stones wont damage or scratch your grills and will leave any non-stick coating applied on the grills. As the stones wear, they shape around your grill meaning the tops and sides of your grills are left gleaming.

BBQ Cleaning Bricks

There is also NO RISKS in using our stones. They do not leave any sharp pieces of wire behind that could end up in food, there is often no need to use any chemicals that can become toxic if inhaled or again end up in food if not burned off correctly. The BBQ cleaning stones leave behind a nontoxic, non-harmful fine dust that burns off in your BBQ, or can be easily blown away.

BBQ Cleaning Brick

How To Use:

Simply dip the stone into clean water, lightly scrub the BBQ / grill with the wet stone.

Once the thick of the dirt is removed, rinse the grill / bbq with water, rinse the stone with water and repeat until you achieve the desired effect.