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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
Maxi Wipe 40x38cm Blue
Maxi Wipes - Box of 100
Sale price£38.00  EX VAT Sale price£45.60  INC VAT
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Ocean Wipe 50x35cm - Blue
Ocean Wipes - Box of 500
Sale price£39.58  EX VAT Sale price£47.50  INC VAT
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Mighty Wipe Medium 38x38cm - Blue
Mighty Wipes - Box of 200
Sale price£51.66  EX VAT Sale price£61.99  INC VAT
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Mighty Wipe Heavy 38x40cm - Blue
Mighty Wipe Heavyweight - Box of 200
Sale price£68.94  EX VAT Sale price£82.73  INC VAT
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Velette Non Woven Cloth 50x35cm - Blue
Velette Wipes - Box of 150
Sale price£20.83  EX VAT Sale price£25.00  INC VAT
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All Purpose Anti Bac Cloth In Dispenser 22x37cm Roll 200 - Blue
All-Purpose Wipes - Box of 6
Sale price£44.33  EX VAT Sale price£53.20  INC VAT
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Blue Wiper 38x38cm
Coloured Wiper - Box of 1000
Sale price£351.50  EX VAT Sale price£421.80  INC VAT
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Loomstate Wiper 40x40cm
Loomstate Wiper - Box of 100
Sale price£277.08  EX VAT Sale price£332.50  INC VAT
Handy Wipe Large 30x60cm - Blue
Handy Wipes Large 60x30cm - Box of 1000
Sale price£60.00  EX VAT Sale price£72.00  INC VAT
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Heavy Weight Wiper Colour Stripe
Heavy Weight Wiper - Box of 300
Sale price£182.08  EX VAT Sale price£218.50  INC VAT
Handy Standard Wiper 42x35cm - Blue
Handy Wipes Standard 42x35cm - Box of 1000
Sale price£45.00  EX VAT Sale price£54.00  INC VAT
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