Are non-genuine parts as good as genuine parts?

Something we are sure runs through every customers head before ordering a non genuine part is, will this part be as good, or last as long as the genuine item it is replacing?

One of the most justified questions we have ever been asked. So, if a part is a lot cheaper than a genuine item, and made by someone else, does this mean it won’t last as long, or be of comparable quality? The short answer is no, absolutely not.

The spare parts market is huge, and there are often multiple manufacturers of the same parts and accessories. That’s why we make sure each and every one of our products for sale is of at least comparable quality to the genuine equivalent, if not slightly better in some instances.

Many leading manufacturers source parts from reputable suppliers for the appliances they supply. Many aftermarket suppliers also source their items from the same suppliers, meaning in lots of cases the part is the same as the genuine item, although it may come packaged differently. So, in these instances, the parts being purchased are in fact a genuine item, just branded differently.

This is not the case for all spare parts though. Many are mass produced, especially in the case of extremely popular parts. Some of these products can be made cheaply and poorly, and we absolutely steer clear of all these items. We would much rather pay a little more to ensure the product we receive, and in turn supply to our customers is of the best available quality. 

All of our supplier’s source items from extremely reputable manufacturers who always endeavour to match or improve on the original design of a product. Spare parts and accessories supplied by Spare and Square have been rigorously tested to make sure the quality is what we would expect.

Why is there sometimes such a difference in cost between genuine and non genuine items?

This is usually down to the fact that leading manufacturers and big brands have huge overheads, including massive advertising budgets. All these costs need to be taken in to account when pricing parts. Some manufacturers would also prefer to supply new appliances over replacement parts as this is where they make the biggest margins and profits. This is something Spare and Square are completely against, and we would much rather supply you with parts to keep an older appliance running for as long as possible. Not only does this save our customers money on expensive replacements, but it helps reduce electrical waste, which is a huge problem around the world.

We know some customers will always want to replace spare parts with genuine items and therefore we also stock a huge range of genuine items as well as our non genuine parts. 

We hope that anyone now thinking of ordering a spare part from us will seriously consider buying a non genuine item, knowing that the item has been tested by ourselves before offering it for sale, and why it may be a lot cheaper than a genuine equivalent.


Q: Are non-genuine parts as good as genuine parts?
A: Yes, if not slightly better made in some instances.