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Tomcat- The Sensible Choice

When investing in cleaning equipment, purchase reliability, quality and performance.

When it comes to choosing the right scrubber dryer, most choices are made on the price of the unit. Whilst this is completely understandable, is it the right thing to do?

In terms of return on investment, will you see a good return on a scrubber dryer purchased because it was cheaper than others available? In 99% of cases, absolutely not. This is because the machine will not be the best suited unit to your needs, meaning more manual labour will be involved and results will not be as good as you can achieve with a better suited unit. Breakdowns will also be more common, meaning costly repairs, downtime when the machine is not in operation and potentially additional costs to hire machines whilst yours is not in operation. It will also need replacing far sooner than any of the Tomcat range. The Tomcat units are built to last, using only the best materials available.

If your looking into owning a scrubber dryer, this will be because you have identified a need for one. Not all scrubber dryers are the same, and will not give the same results or level of cleanliness.

Tomcat machines are extra heavy duty units, designed to give an extremely deep clean on first pass each and every time they are used. They are also made out of only the very best materials including a powder coated steel chassis, something you will not see on other machines.

Tomcat also offer a range of cleaning heads because a disc scrubbing brush is not always the best solution to your cleaning needs. With a choice of disc head, cylindrical head and oscillating Edge head, we will always be able to provide the best solution to any type of flooring to ensure a perfectly clean floor every time the machine is used, often without the use of any chemicals.

Tomcat machines also come with automatic, adjustable brush pressure, something else rarely seen on other machines, and definitely not included on budget machines. The huge advantage to this is the fact you will always be able to have the right amount of pressure to clean even the most stubborn of marks without manually having to scrub heavily soiled areas.

Tomcat machines are produced in the USA by RPS Corporation. Find out more below about RPS and what makes the machines they produce so much better than other machines on the market today:


Headquartered in Racine, RPS Corporation is a family-owned business that opened in 1986, specializing in floor scrubbers, sweepers, burnishers, floor preparation machines, and detergents.

RPS Corporation’s 3-building campus houses 165,000 square feet of space, accommodating business offices, engineering, design centre, research and development, training centre, fabrication works, assembly, and warehouse operations.

The RPS workforce, many with over 20 years of service, hand builds each machine with over 95% of the components sourced from American suppliers. Many parts are sourced locally as Racine’s industrial roots have provided world class fabricators, machine shops, painters, etc. In fact, RPS is proud to have partnered with many RAMAC members over the years.

Because quality matters, RPS routinely pays more for domestically sourced components required to build their superior products. Machine designs originate and are executed by the in-house engineering team. The over 100 complete machine designs that have been put into production, allow RPS to innovate quickly and incorporate improvements fluidly into machine offerings. Each new generation of machines evolves from prior designs to amplify the strengths and correct any weakness. From the first pencil sketch and throughout the design process, the focus is on durability, serviceability, performance, productivity, specification, and value.

All design prototyping and testing is done in-house to control quality. Leveraging investment in rapid prototyping technology and equipment, ideas are converted into functioning prototypes in days instead of weeks and months, expediting innovation. The innovation is further driven by collecting feedback from the field, from both distributors and the end users. This allows RPS to better understand the ever-changing needs of the marketplace.

Every piece of equipment produced is heavy duty and requires a good amount of thick steel in the construction. RPS uses a combination of stainless and mild steel with e-coating + powder paint for corrosion resistance. Steel fabrication is done both in-house and from local domestic suppliers with additional cutting, bending, welding and other specialty equipment.

The RPS machine’s solution and recovery tanks are the best in the industry and have complex shapes that allow for compact “tank-in-tank” designs. These designs are difficult to mould and are best produced with in-house equipment and a specially trained moulding team. Running multiple, dual station, rotational moulding machines allows RPS to produce very high-quality finished parts from raw plastic. Producing tanks in-house allows for higher quality control along with quick responses to sales spikes and large orders.


Tomcat machines are not made to a price point, they are made to solve problems and they do this with ease. The machines are made ultra reliable by using the best components and materials available, meaning they have an extremely low break down rate, far lower than any other manufacturer. They also back this up with an industry leading 3 year warranty.

Productivity rates from Tomcat machines are far higher than competitors because they produce fantastic results each and every time they are used. The results produced are also much better than what could be achieved with many other machines.

If you are looking to invest in a floor cleaning machine, let us show you the Tomcat range of equipment and have a chat about the advantages of choosing Tomcat over other manufacturers. You will not be disappointed! We also have a range of extremely attractive finance and hire purchase options available with great tax advantages.


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