Universal Fine Dust & Dirt Removing Tool - Fits Most Vacuum Cleaners

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This is the vacuum attachment you've been looking for! With tiny suction tubes, like flexible straws, it attaches right onto your vacuum hose and turns it onto a flexible micro-suction machine that can pick dust and dirt from the tiniest spaces! Now fluff, lint and crumbs that have settled in those little crevices, nooks and crannies like between keys on a computer keyboard, or down inside an air vent in your home or car, can be vacuumed with ease.

  • Flexible micro-suction tubes
  • Great for vents, keyboards, cars, toy/jewellery/tool boxes and cutlery drawers
  • Leave small items in place and vacuum around them
  • Universal adaptor easily attaches to most vacuum hoses
  • Ergonomic grip for comfort and control

The tubes find the dirt and suck it away without you having to first remove all the small objects like coins, keys, cutlery, tools, jewellery etc, so you save so much time and effort keeping your home clean.


The unique benefit of our tool, compared to the standard attachments you get with modern vacuum cleaners, is that the point of suction is distributed between dozens of small, powerful, flexible tubes. This means that whereas coins, keys and jewellery would normally be sucked right up into even the narrowest attachment, only the tiny dust particles make it up the tubes. So, you can happily vacuum away around those precious items, even tools in a toolbox, or cutlery in a kitchen drawer can be left where it is, safe from being sucked into your vacuum cleaner and causing damage.

Fits models
  • Universal - Fits most vacuum cleaners
  • Adaptors may be required for Dyson models


    • Flexible straw suction tubes
    • Universal adaptors included for most makes of vacuum including Numatic, Sebo, Miele, Bosch, Hoover, Electrolux and many more!
    • Flexible extension
    • Ergonomic grip
    • Great for vents, cars, keyboards, tight spaces, tool boxes, jewellery boxes, cutlery draws etc.
    • Dust Daddy alternative

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