Samsung 1270J5 Washing Machine Drive Belt - 1270J5EL

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High quality replacement poly drive belt to fit a range of washing machines by Samsung and others.

Size: 1270 J5


Fits Models
  • Samsung
    J1240GSS, J1240GWW, J1250NWH, WF0604NBE, WF0700N6W, WF0700NBE, WF0700NBW, WF0700NBX, WF0700NCE, WF0700NCS, WF0700NCS6, WF0700NCW, WF0700NHM, WF0702NBE, WF0702NBF, WF0702NBS, WF0702NCE, WF0702NCW, WF0702NCX, WF0702NHL, WF0702NHM, WF0702NHS, WF0702WJS, WF0702WJV, WF0702WJW, WF0702WJWD, WF0702WKC/YFQ, WF0702WKE, WF0702WKN, WF0702WKQ, WF0702WKR, WF0702WKU, WF0702WKV, WF0752WJN, WF0752WJW, WF0790NCX, WF0792NCS, WF1114XBD, WF1124XAU, WF1602W5V, WF1700NHW, WF1700W5V, WF1700W5W, WF1700WCC, WF1700WCW, WF1700WRW, WF1702NC, WF1702NCW, WF1702NHV, WF1702NHW, WF1702NHWG, WF1702W5S, WF1702W5V, WF1702W5W, WF1702WCC, WF1702WCS, WF1702WCW, WF1702WEC, WF1702WEU, WF1702WFVS, WF1702WQN, WF1702WQR, WF1702WQU, WF1702WRK, WF1702YQB, WF1702YQC, WF1702YQQ, WF1702YQR, WF1704WSE, WF1802NFSS, WF1802NFWS, WF1802WECS, WF1802WEUS, WF1802WFVS, WF1802WFWS, WF1802XEC, WF1802XEK, WF1802XEU, WF1802XEY, WF1802XFK, WF1802XFV, WF1804WPC, WF1804WPN2, WF1804WPU, WF1804WPU2, WF600B4BKWQ, WF602B4BKWQ, WF700B0BDWQ, WF700B2BKWQ, WF700B4BKWQ, WF700Y4BKWQ, WF702B2BBWQ, WF702B2BKWQ, WF702B4BKWQ, WF702U2BBGD, WF702U2BBSD, WF702U2BBWQ, WF702U2BKWQ, WF702U2SAWQ, WF702U4BKSD, WF702U4BKWQ, WF702W0BDWQ, WF702W2BBWQ, WF702W2BCWQ, WF702Y4BKWQ, WF705P4SAWQ, WF706P4SAWQ, WF706U2SAWQ, WF706U4SAGD, WF706U4SAWQ, WF70F5E2W4W, WF710Y4BKWQ, WF7604NAW, WF7802XEC, WF80F5E2W, WF80F5E2W4W, WF80F5E2W4X, WF80F5E5U4W, WF80F5E5U4X, WF8502NGS, WF8602NFW, WF8602NGS, WF8602NGW, WF8602NHWG, WF8604NFS, WF8604NGS, WF8604NGW, WF8702RSD, WF8702RSS, WF8702RSW, WF8704RSS, WF8704RSW, WF8802RP, WF8804RP, WF8804RPA, WF8EF5E0W4W, WF90F5E5U, WF90F5E5U4X, WF9700N5V, WF9700N5W, WF9702N5V, WF9702N5W, WF-M702YQR, WW12H8420EW, WW70K5410UX, WW70K5410WW, WW80K5410UW, WW80K5410UX, WW80K5410WW, WW80K6414QW, WW80K6414QX, WW90J6410CX, WW90K5410UW, WW90K5410UX, WW90K6414QW, WW90K6414QX, WW90K6610QW
  • 1270mm
  • J5
  • 1270J5EL

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