Numatic 12" Filter For Henry Hetty James Basil - Fits 305mm Machines

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High quality replacement cloth microfibre filter and frame assembly complete to fit Numatic Henry, Hetty, James, Basil, David, Edward, PSP180, PSP200, VNP180, VNR200 models.

Filter is 12" (305mm) and fits most smaller domestic and commercial Numatic tub vacuums.

Fits Models
  • AV250 AVQ250 BASIL BASIL NB200 DAVID EDWARD EDWARD EVR370 GVE370 HENRY  HENRY HVR200 HENRY HVR200-22 HENRY HVR200A HENRY MICRO HENRY MICRO HVR200M HENRY MICRO HVR200M-22 HENRY PLUS HENRY PLUS HVR200P HENRY TURBO HVR200T HENRY TURBO HVR200T-2 HENRY Turbocare HENRY TURBOCARE HVR204T HENRY Xtra HENRY XTRA HVX200 HENRY Xtra HVX200A HETTY HETTY HET200 22 Hetty HET200A HV200  HVC200 HVR200 HVR200M-22 HVR200P HVR204 HVR204P HZQ200 HZQ200-2 HZQ250 HZQ250-2 JAMES JAMES JVP180 James JVP180A JVC225 JVR225 MFQ300 NB200 NNV-200 NNV-204 NNV200 NNV204 NQS200 NQS200T NQS250 NQS250B-22 NRV-200 NRV-200T NRV-204 NRV200 NRV200-22 NRV200T NRV204 NSP-180A NSP180A NSP200A NSR-200A NSR200A NST220A Numatic Cleancare NV200  Numatic Henry NUVAC NV200 NV225 NV250 NVH-180 NVH-200 NVH180 NVH200 NVM1CH NVP-180 NVP-200 NVP180 NVP200 NVQ200  NVQ200-22 NVQ200T NVQ202 NVQ204 NVQ250 NVQ250B NVQ250T NVQ252 NVQ254 NVQ370T NVR-200 NVR200 NVR225 NVR260 PSP-200A PSP180A PSP200A PVR200A PVT220A VNP-180 VNP180 VNR-200 VNR200

  • 12"
  • 305mm

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