Miele C1, S2000, S2130, S2110 Series Hose - Complete With Bent End and Machine End

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High quality replacement vacuum cleaner hose for Miele C1, S2000, S2130, S2110 models. Hose comes complete with machine end fitting, and curved end tool end. 

Direct replacement for original hose. 

Fits Models
  • C1 Classic, C1 Junior Ecoline, C1 Junior Powerline, Classic C1 Cat & Dog, Classic C1 Delphi PowerLine, Classic C1 EcoLine, Classic C1 EcoLine Plus, Classic C1 Junior PowerLine, Classic C1 PowerLine, Classic C1 Titan PowerLine, S2111, S2120, S2121, S2130, S2131, S2180, S2181, S2110, S501, S524, S548, S370, S511, S526, S571, S371, S512, S5260, S600, S372, S513, S5261, S612, S374, S514, S528, S624, S380, S516, S5280, S626, S381, S518, S534, S628, S4210, S5210, S536, S634, S4211, S5211, S538, S636, S500, S5220, S544, S638, S644, S715, S736, S834, S646, S716, S744, S836, S648, S717, S748, S838, S700, S718, S800, S844, S710, S724, S812, S846, S711, S726, S824, S848, S712, S734, S826.

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