Miele Parquet Twister Soft Bristle Floor Tool - SBB300-3 Style - Fits C1, C2, C3 Models

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High quality replacement hard floor parquet brush to fit Miele vacuum cleaners. This brush has very soft bristles and is designed to fit C1, C2 and C3 ranges of Miele models. 

  • Parquet Soft Bristle Tool
  • 35mm Fitting With Miele Clip
  • SBB300-3 Style
  • Parquet Twister
Fits Models
  • C1 Junior Ecoline, C2 Compact, C2 Complete, C2 ECOLINE PLUS, C2 POWERLINE, C3 Cat & Dog Powerline, C3 Complete, C3 ECOLINE PLUS, C3 POWERLINE, Cat & Dog PowerLine Dynamic U1, Compact C1 Black Pearl EcoLine, Compact C1 Cat & Dog PowerLine, Compact C1 EcoLine, Compact C1 HEPA, Compact C1 HEPA EcoLine, Compact C1 HomeCare PowerLine, Compact C1 PowerLine, Compact C1 Young Style, Compact C1 Young Style PowerLine, Compact C2, Compact C2 Allergy, Compact C2 Allergy PowerLine, Compact C2 Cat & Dog PowerLine, Compact C2 EcoLine, Compact C2 EcoLine Plus, Compact C2 Excellence EcoLine, Compact C2 HEPA EcoLine, Compact C2 HEPA PowerLine, Compact C2 HomeCare PowerLine, Compact C2 HomeCare Specialist PowerLine, Compact C2 PowerLine, Compact C2 Racing Green, Compact C2 Topaz PowerLine, Complete C1 EcoLine, Complete C2 Allergy PowerLine, Complete C2 Black EcoLine, Complete C2 Black Pearl PowerLine, Complete C2 Celebration EcoLine Plus, Complete C2 Celebration PowerLine, Complete C2 Celebration Pro EcoLine Plus, Complete C2 EcoLine, Complete C2 Ecoline Hepa, Complete C2 Excellence EcoLine, Complete C2 HEPA, Complete C3 Allergy PowerLine, Complete C3 Black Diamond EcoLine, Complete C3 Boost EcoLine, Complete C3 Brilliant, Complete C3 Brilliant PowerLine, Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine, Complete C3 Cat & Dog Powerline Tayberry, Complete C3 Cat&Dog PowerLine, Complete C3 Celebration Eco Line Plus, Complete C3 Celebration Electro Ecoline, Complete C3 Celebration Parquet PowerLine, Complete C3 Comfort Boost EcoLine, Complete C3 Comfort EcoLine, Complete C3 Comfort Edition PowerLine, Complete C3 Comfort Electro EcoLine, Complete C3 Comfort Electro EcoLine Plus, Complete C3 Comfort Electro Plus PowerLine, Complete C3 Comfort PowerLine, Complete C3 Comfort TotalCare PowerLine, Complete C3 EcoLine, Complete C3 Electro Plus EcoLine, Complete C3 Eurostar PowerLine, Complete C3 Excellence EcoLine, Complete C3 Excellence White EcoLine, Complete C3 HEPA EcoLine, Complete C3 HEPA Parquet Twister EcoLine, Complete C3 Medicair PowerLine, Complete C3 Parquet EcoLine, Complete C3 PowerLine, Complete C3 Powerline Obsidian, Complete C3 Silence EcoLine, Complete C3 SoftCarpet PowerLine, Complete C3 Special PowerLine, Complete C3 Total Solution Allergy Powerline, Complete C3 Total Solution PowerLine, Complete C3 Turbo PowerLine, Complete C3 XXL PowerLine
  • Parquet Soft Bristle Tool
  • 35mm Fitting With Miele Clip
  • SBB300-3 Style
  • Parquet Twister

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