Miele Compatible Multi-angle Dusting Brush With Swivel Neck

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High quality multi-angle swivel neck dusting brush suitable for a large range of Miele vacuum cleaners. 

With Miele style fitting clip. 

SUB 20 Style

  • Fitted with soft bristles and a lint strip designed to thoroughly clean without marking or damaging your furniture.

  • Elongated shape makes it perfect for getting into corners and hard to access spaces.

  • The ideal dusting brush for cleaning delicates such as ceiling fans, lamp shades, blinds, vents etc.

  • Also great for dusting bookshelves, display cabinets and cupboards.
Fits Models
  • S4210, S4211, S4212, S4213, S4221, S4222, S4260, S4261, S4262, S4280, S4281, S4282, S5210, S5211, S5212, S5220, S5221, S5222, S5260, S5261, S5280, S5281, S5282, S5311, S6210, S6220, S6230, S6240, S6250, S6260, S6270, S6280, S6290, S6310, S6320, S6330, S6340, S6350, S6360, S6370, S6390, S8310, S8320, S8330, S8340, S8360, S8370, S8380, S8390, S8510, S8520, S8530, S8590, SCAB0, SCAB3, SCAC0, SCAE0, SCAE1, SCAF3, SCAG0, SCAG1, SCAG2, SCAJ0, SCAO0, SCAO3, SCAP3, SCBC0, SCBE1, SCBF3, SCC10, SCCF3, SCCG0, SCCG1, SCRG1, SCRG2, SCRP3, SDAB0, SDAB1, SDAB3, SDAB4, SDAC0, SDAC1, SDAE0, SDAE1, SDAE4, SDAF3, SDAF4, SDAG0, SDAG1, SDAJ0, SDAN0, SDAO0, SDAP3, SDAP4, SDBB0, SDBB3, SDBB4, SDBE0, SDBE1, SDBE4, SDBF3, SDBF4, SDBO0, SDBO3, SDCB0, SDCB1, SDCB4, SDCE0, SDCE1, SDCE4, SDCF3, SDCF4, SDCG0, SDCG1, SDCJ0, SDCN0, SDCO0, SDCO3, SDCP3, SDCP4, SDRE1, SDRF3, SDRF4, SDRG1, SDRG3, SDRK3, SDRK4, SDRP3, SDRP4, SFAA0, SFAA3, SFAC0, SFAC1, SFAE0, SFAE1, SFAF3, SFAG0, SFAG1, SFAG2, SFAJ0, SFAP3, SFBC0, SFBC1, SFBE1, SFBF3, SFCA0, SFCC0, SFCC1, SFCE1, SFCF3, SFCG1, SFCJ0, SFCP3, SFRC1, SFRE1, SFRF3, SFRF4, SGFG1, SGFH0, SGFH1, SGFH2, SGFK0, SGFK1, SGFK2, SGFP3, SGJA0, SGJA1, SGJE0, SGJE1, SGJE3, SGJP3, SGSA1, SGSA3, SGSC1, SGSE1, SGSF3, SGSF4, SGSG1, SGSG2, SGSH1, SGSH2, SGSH4, SGSK3, SGSP3, SGSP4, SGTP3, SHC10, SKCE0, SKCE2, SKCF2, SKCF3, SKCG3, SKCP3, SKCR3, SKRE0, SKRE2, SKRF3, SKRG2, SKRP3, SKRR3
  • 35mm fitting with Miele style clip.

  • SUB-20 Style

  • Alternative to genuine part: 7475870

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