Lionsbot R3 Scrub - Cobotic Scrubber Dryer - Large Capacity, Compact Body

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Introducing the R3 Scrub, the latest in a series of cleaning robots from Lionsbot. Designed with efficiency in mind, the R3 can perform dry scrubbing, allowing it to cover huge areas in just one charge. Use the R3 the way you want. The R3 can clean automatically or can be used manually, and can be controlled via the Lionsbot App or by using its touchscreen to set instructions.

Easy to map, easy to use and a real companion to any cleaning team. Use the R3 Scrub to cover large areas of flooring, and free up your cleaning team to perform other tasks that can often be missed when spending a huge portion of time cleaning floors.

Compact Size, Large Capacity

Robotic cleaning has never been so compact. Designed with efficiency in mind, the R3 can cover huge areas in one charge while also being able to reach into small spaces when cleaning. 

One Robot, Two Functions

The R3 comes with two functions, scrub mode and dust mop mode. Change between both functions with only the touch of a button. Cleaning has never been so easy or efficient, with both functions offering a huge 1,200m²/h coverage.

Use It the Way You Want

The R3 Scrub can automate large sections of your cleaning. But if you want to use it manually, the R3 comes with a sturdy handle and a manual function to make it into a walk behind machine. The R3 can also be easily controlled using either the Lionsbot app or the touchscreen on the robot.

Small Robot, Huge Personality

Robots have never had so much personality. With a large LED screen, the R3 can show a range of emotions to engage its audience. The screen can also be used to display greetings, key messages, or even company advertising!

Refuel Station

An optional fueling station can be installed to help make your cleaning even more autonomous. With a refuel station, the R3 will empty its recovery tank, recharge its batteries, and refill its solution tank - all automatically!

Key Features

  • Up to 7 hours battery life
  • 2 hour ultra quick charge time
  • Scrubber dryer and dust mop functions
  • Large 21l solution tank and 24l recovery tank
  • Fast 1m/s cleaning speed
  • Huge 1200m/h working capacity
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Fully automated
  • Compact in size for cleaning in tight areas


      • Length 600mm
      • Width 450mm
      • Height 810mm
      • Weight 65 Kg
      • Charging Time 2 hrs
      • Clean Water Capacity 21 Litres
      • Max. Theoretical Efficiency 1200 - 1800 m²/h
      • Cleaning Width 400 mm (Brush) / 520 mm (Dust mop)
      • Sound (dB) 57 dB (Dust mop) 65 dB (Scrubbing)
      • Max. Speed 0.6 - 1 m/s
      • Squeegee Width 540 mm
      • Debris Tray Capacity 0.8 Litres
      • Lidar Coverage 25 metres
      • Waste Water Capacity 24 Litres
      • Optional Accessories Refuel Station / Dust mop attachment
      • Max. Run Time 3 hrs (Scrubbing) / 7 hrs (Dust mop)

      Fact / Specification Sheet
      Hynox 90 PDF Fact Sheet

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