i-Remove Mini Battery Gum and Sticky Residue Removal - Machine Only

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While cleaning has never been more important, we believe effective cleaning is more than ‘just’ the removal of soil. It means ensuring the health and safety of people, while making the job easier, simpler, more efficient and even fun. It means consistent results all over the world, while protecting the world.

Remove gum, stains and sticky residue in only 5-6 seconds! The i-remove mini makes the removal of gum easier and faster instantly, while the pH neutral biodegradable formula ensures a smart choice for the environment.

Small but fierce

The i-remove mini is a gum removal machine that unsticks gum, stains and sticky residue in 5-6 seconds. Thanks to its compact size it’s easy to operate and carry around in smaller or obstructed (indoor) spaces.

More than just gum removal

The i-remove mini removes more than just gum. It also works miracles on stains and sticker residue. You can use i-remove on all sorts of floors and surfaces. Coffee stains, food stains, mud stains, sticker residue & glue… they’re no match for i-remove mini.

Important note: check the specifications of the stain removal detergent and ensure you use the correct brush nozzle depending on the fragility of the material/surface.

Get the job done fast

The heated lance helps dissolve gum, sticky residue and stains from surfaces at the rapid rate of 5-6 seconds. No external power required using this unit. Just switch on the power and start cleaning. The smaller size makes the i-remove mini your ideal little helper in smaller or obstructed spaces.

Do more with less

Clean more in less time! The i-remove evaporates stains, gum and sticky residue in a matter of seconds from stone, fabric and even carpets. As i-remove dissolves the substance rather than removing it, it does not leave any remnant of the sticky substance on the surface.

                    • Weight excl. batteries: 5 kg
                    • Weight incl. batteries + full tank: 7.5 kg (1 L tank)
                    • Size body (l x w x h): 36 x 30 x 23 cm
                    • Lance weight: 1.6 kg
                    • Hose length: 80 cm / 150 cm
                    • Tank capacity: 1.0 L, Removable
                    • Heater: DC24 V, 250 W
                    • Max. temperature: 104 °C
                    • Runtime tank capacity: 55 minutes on 1 tank
                    • Power source / battery type: i-power 9: 24 V, 8.8 Ah or i-power 14: 25.2 V, 14 Ah
                    • Charger type: Off-board
                    • Material: Lldpe, Rotomoulded, Abs / pc / pp injected / blow moulded, Alu & carbon

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