I-Drive Ride On Scrubber Dryer With Built In I-Mop - Lithium Ion Powered

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The key feature of the i-drive is its smart design to carry an i-mop lite on its back, allowing the operator to exit the vehicle and clean more detailed areas. With two sets of batteries, this smooth drive is ready to serve you 24/7. The turning radius of just 1.6m makes the device extremely flexible, offering excellent manoeuvrability.

Get the job done fast

Clean large, medium, and small areas within no time. Because of its small turning radius, the i-drive can turn in narrow aisles. You can also fill, refill and empty the imop Lite easily. Get fresh water from the i-drive, or empty the recovery tank into the i-drive by a hose in a pinch. You are no longer bound to installed filling stations. 

i-drive and imop Lite: a great duo

The i-drive can carry an imop Lite on its back, allowing the cleaner to hop on and hop off easily for a more detailed cleaning job. In short, the i-drive cleans your big spaces, while the imop Lite allows you to efficiently clean smaller spaces.

We love Mother Nature

Due to the high mechanical power of the i-drive, we use less water and chemicals for cleaning. The battery-sliding tray has space for six i-power 14 batteries which gives you a run-time of 80 minutes. By changing and (re)charging batteries, 24/7 driving is possible. On top of that, the rechargeable batteries are sustainable, resulting in less waste. And did you know most parts can be replaced or updated? We’re here for the long run.

Cleaning and safety go hand in hand

The i-drive is equipped with a ramp and adjustable footrest for better ergonomics. Thanks to the front & rear safety lights and the base-mounted lights illuminating the floor, you can even clean in dark spaces. Smart design ensures clear front view while driving. The squeegee and brushes retract during backup and driving automatically. And even better, this is one easy ride. The self-explanatory icons and clear controls make this machine easy to use.

Go along for the ride

This machine covers the cleaning needs of supermarkets, stadiums, or any building with mixed smaller and larger spaces. Nice bonus: the cleaner has time to rest while driving! Enjoy the manoeuvrability and practical features of this smart duo. 

Auto shut-off fill system

The hose will automatically shut off once the fill-line gets to the top. No more water splashing around with the risk of water dripping to the battery compartments.

Removable squeegee

Easily remove the squeegee with the push of a button. You can now change the squeegee in less than 45 seconds

2.5 times more suction power

The floors dry even quicker, resulting in more overall hygiene and safety.

i-power 20 battery drawer

Enjoy 2,5 hours of uninterrupted cleaning as opposed to the 1,5 hours with i-battery 14. With 2 sets of batteries, you never run out of power. Charge one set while using the other.

    Supplied with:
    • i-Drive Ride On Scrubber Dryer
    • i-Mop Lite
    • i-Power 20 Batteries (6 Batteries)
    • i-Charge 9 (3 Sets)
    • i-Stack 3 (Charging Station)
                    • Working width 610 mm
                    • Driving speed 5.5 km/h
                    • Solution tank volume 58 liter
                    • Recovery tank volume 55 liter
                    • Detergent tank volume 5.5 liter
                    • Power i-power 14 batteries
                    • Run time up to 80 min
                    • Dimensions (l x w) 1.460 mm x 600 mm
                    • Turning circle diameter 1.660 mm
                    • Theoretical cleaning coverage 2745 m2/h
                    • Practical cleaning coverage 1400m2/h
                    • Pad pressure 25kg
                    • Pad RPM 175 RPM
                    • Operational Weight 208 kg
                    • Gross Vehicle Weight 349 kg

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