Hotpoint Tumble Dryer Heater Thermostat Kit - C00279578

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  • Replacement thermostat for your tumble dryer.
  • This can fit tumble dryers sold by different manufacturers and brands.
Fits Models
  • 37527, 37667, 37747, 37748E, 37749, 37754, 37765X, T601CW, T602CW, TC11P, TC71N, TC71P, TC71X, TC72N, TC72P, TC72X, TDC32N, TDC32P, TDC32S, WT6030, 1SE6C, 37590, 37630, 37681, 37691, 37692, 37693, 37697, 37699E, 37701, 37709, 37713E, 37720, 37721E, 37730, 37764E, 37774E, 37794, A37CEX, A46CAUS, A46CEX, A46CFR, A46CSK, AS70CEX, AS70CSK, AS70CXEX, BSL60PE, BSL65PE, CT61C, CTD00G, CTD00P, CTD00T, D58, EFU101E, EFU501E, EFU701E, G74C, G75C, G75CEX, G75CFR, G75CS, G75CSK, G85C, G85CEX, G85CNL, G85CSEX, G85CSK, IS61CEX, IS61CFR, IS70C, IS70CEX, IS70CFR, IS70CS, IS70CSK, J601CW, K500, MAXI60T, MAXI65E, SF206C, SL602FCE, SLC60, SLC70, SLC71, SLC83, SW62C, T620CW, T622CW, T630CW, T632CW, TC71PW, TCR13, TCR14, TCR2, TCS3, TD41, TD410RS, TD46, TDC30N, TDC30P, TDC30PE, TDC30S, TDC30YS, TDC60P, TDC60PE, TDC60S, TDC60YS, TDC62N, TDC62P, TDC62S, TDC6A, TDC7A, TR988C, TR999EB, TR999EC, WT6010, WT60101, WT6011, WT6020.

  • Part number C00279578

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