Hotpoint Ariston Genuine Fridge Door Bottle Shelf - Cristal Type - C00283225 410mm

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Genuine Hotpoint / Ariston fridge door bottle tray / plastic bottle bar shelf. Fits a range of Hotpoint and Ariston refrigerators.

Cristal Type Shelf.


Fits Models
  • Ariston
    BCB 311 AI IT, BCB 311 AI IT S, BCB 311 T (KO), BCB 311 VT, BCB 313 A VE I C, BCB 313 A VE I C S, BCB 313 A WE I, BCB 313 A WE I S, BCB 313 AA VE I, BCB 313 AA VE I S, BCB 313 AVEI FF/AR, BCB 313/B GE, BCB 331 T TW1380 YS, BCB 332 AI (CN), BCB 333 A VE I, BCB 333 A VE I C, BCB 333 A VE I C S, BCB 333 AA VE I, BCB 333 AA VE I S, BCB 333 AVEI FF/AR, BCB 333/B GE, BCB311, BCB333 AVEI FF (AUS), BCS 313/B GE, BCS 313/B GE S, BD 2631 EU, BD 2930 V, BD 2931 EU, BO 1620 EU, BO 1631 EU, BO 2320, BO 2331 EU, BOZ 1631 EU, BOZ 2331 EU, BOZ 2332, BOZ 3031 V, BSZ 3021 V EX, BTS 1620 EU, BTS 1621 CN, BTSZ 1620 I, CISBCB 333/B GE

  • Hotpoint
    HM312AIFF, HMB312AAI, HMB312I, HMB313I, HS1621, HS1622, HS2321L, HS2322L, HS3022VL, HSZ2321L, HSZ2322L, HSZ3021VL, HSZ3022VL, HUL162I

  • Hotpoint - Ariston
    BCB 172137, BCB 182137, BCB 183337 FF, BCB 183337 V C, BCB 311 AI IT S/HA, BCB 311 AI IT/HA, BCB 311 S/HA, BCB 311 VT/HA, BCB 311/HA, BCB 312 AAI (FR)/HA, BCB 312 AAI S/HA, BCB 312 AAI/HA, BCB 312 AI (FR)/HA, BCB 312 AI FF, BCB 312 AI S/HA, BCB 312 AI/HA, BCB 312 AVI/HA, BCB 313 A VE I C/HA, BCB 313 A VEI C S/HA, BCB 313 A WE I S/HA, BCB 313 A WE I/HA, BCB 313 AA VE I S/HA, BCB 313 AA VE I/HA, BCB 313 AVEI FF, BCB 313/B GE S/HA, BCB 313/B GE/HA, BCB 331 S/HA, BCB 331/HA, BCB 332 AAI S/HA, BCB 332 AAI/HA, BCB 332 AI PF, BCB 332 AI S/HA, BCB 332 AI/HA, BCB 333 A VE I C/HA, BCB 333 A VE I/HA, BCB 333 A VEI C S/HA, BCB 333 AA VE I S/HA, BCB 333 AA VE I/HA, BCB 333 AVEI FF, BCB 333/B GE S/HA, BCB 333/B GE/HA, BCFS 312 AA, BCH 313 AA VE I/HA, BCH 333 AA VE I/HA, BD 2422 S/HA, BD 2422/HA, BD 2622 S/HA, BD 2622/HA, BD 2631 EU S/HA, BD 2631 EU/HA, BD 2922 EU/HA, BD 2930 V S/HA, BD 2930 V/HA, BD 2931 EU S/HA, BD 2931 EU/HA, BDFS 242 AA, BDFS 292 AA, BO 1620 EU/HA, BO 1620/HA, BO 1922/HA, BO 1931 EU/HA, BO 2320/HA, BO 2331 EU/HA, BOZ 1621/HA, BOZ 1631 eu/ha, BOZ 1932 EU /HA, BOZ 2320/HA, BOZ 2331 EU/HA, BOZ 2331/HA, BOZ 3020 VT/HA, BOZ 3031V/HA, BS 1621, BS 1621 EU, BS 1622, BS 1622 EU, BS 2321 EU, BS 2321 V, BS 2332, BS 2332 EU, BS 3021, BS 3021 V, BS 3022 V, BS1620, BSZ 1632 EU, BSZ 2321, BSZ 2321 EU, BSZ 2332, BSZ 3021 V, BSZ 3021 V TK, BSZ 3032 V, BSZ 882147, BSZ1621, BTS 1620 EU/HA, BTS 1620/HA, BTS 1621 EU/HA, BTS 1621/HA, BTS 1622/HA, BTSZ 1620 I/HA, BTSZ 1631/HA, BTSZ 1632/HA, CISBCB 333 AVEI FF, CISBCB 333/B GE/HA, D 310 MST IX/HA, MT 260/HA, MTA 241/HA, MTA 242 I (FR)/HA, MTA 243/HA, MTA 260/HA, MTAA 241/HA, MTAA 242/HA, MTB 241/HA
  • 410mm
  • Cristal Type
  • Genuine item: C00283225

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