Genuine Whirlpool Fridge Freezer Bottle Shelf - C00324475

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Brand new, genuine original fridge door lower bottle shelf tray rack  shelf for your Whirlpool, Privileg or Bauknecht fridge.

Please check the model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model.

Fits Models
    KGEE 3260 A++, KGEE 3260 A++ BR, KGEE 3260 A++ LH, KGEE 3260 A++ SW, KGEE 3260 A++ SW LH, KGEE 3460 A++, KGEE 3460 A++ LH, KGIE 3260 A++, KGIE 3260 A++ LH, KGIE 3360 A++, KGIE 3360 A++ LH, KGIE 3460 A++, KGIE 3460 A++ LH, KGIN3194A+
  • PRIVILEGPRCI 220 A+, PRCIF 150 A+, PRCIF 220 A+, PRFI 200 A+, PRFIF 130 A+, PRFIF 200 A+
    AR0510, ARC 0460, ARC 0470, ARC 0510, ARC 0520, ARC 0610, ARC 0640, ARC 0680, ARC 104, ARC 1220, ARC 1224, ARC 1294, ARC 1324, ARC 1394, ARC 1394/BR, ARC 140, ARC 140 S, ARC104/A+, ARG 420/4, ARG 576/4, ARG 725/A+, ARG 733/A+, ARG 734/A+, ARG 736/A/4, ARG 736/A+/5, ARG 736/A+/6, ARG 737/A/4, ARG 737/A+/5, ARG 737/A+/6, ARG 745/1/A, ARG 745/A, ARG 745/A/5, ARG 745/A/6, ARG 746/A, ARG 746/A+/5, ARG 749/A+, ARG 749/A+/1, ARG 780/A+, ARG 790/A+, ARG 907/4, ARG 911/A/4, ARG 911/A/4 RE, ARG 929/5, ARG 947/5, ARG 947/S, ARG 972/5, ARG 979/4, ARG 980/A+, ARG420/4, ARG737/A/4, ARG737/A/4RE, ART 262/A+, ART 364/A/4, ART 364/A+/5, ART 364/A+/5 LH, ART 364/A+/5-LH, ART 364/A+/6, ART 364/A+/6-LH, ART 366/A/5, ART 374/A++, ART 374/A++/LH, ART 378, ART 455/5, ART 455/5 F, ART 458/A+/1, ART 459/A+/NF/1, ART 463/A++, ART 470/A+, ART 471/4, ART 471/A/4, ART 471/A+, ART 474/4, ART 474/5, ART 477/4, ART 477/5, ART 477/A+, ART 478/A+, ART 479/A+, ART 480/A++, ART 481/A+, ART 481/A++/1, ART 483/4, ART 483/4-LH, ART 483/5, ART 483/5/LH, ART 483/6, ART 484/A/4, ART 484/A/4-LH, ART 486/A+/5, ART 486/A+/5 LH, ART 486/A+/6, ART 486/A+/6 LH, ART 486/A+/7, ART 4861/A+, ART 487/A+, ART 488, ART 489, ART 489/5, ART 489/6, ART 489/7, ART 490/A+, ART 492, ART 493/A+, ART 494/A++, ART 494/A++/1, ART 495/NF, ART 495/NF/5, ART 497/NF/A+, ART 761/A+, ART 762/A+, ART 762/A+/1, ART 763/NF, ART 763/NF/A+, ART 764/A+, ART 764/A++, ART 767, ART 767/1, ART 768, ART 770, ART 800/A+, ART 859/A+, ART 860/A++, ART 862/A+, ART 863/A/NF, ART 863/A+/NF, ART 863/A+/NF/1, ART 864/1/A++, ART 864/A+, ART 864/A++, ART 866/A+, ART 868/A+, ART 870 GK, ART 880/A+/NF, ART 883/A+/NF, ART 884/A+/NF, ART 910/A+, ART 910/A+/1, ART 915/A+, ART 920/A+, ART 925/A++, ART 963/A+/NF, ART113/A, ART113/A+, ART471/A, ART471/A+, ART474/5, ART484/A+/5, ART484/A+/5-LH, ART486/A+/5, ART488/5, ART488/A+, ART499/NF/5, ARZ 001/A, ARZ 001/A/5, ARZ 001/A/6, ARZ 009/A+/6, ARZ 009/A+/7, ARZ 009/A+/8, ARZ 010/A+, ARZ 010/A+/1, ARZ 011/A+/5, ARZ 011/A+/7, ARZ 012/A+, ARZ 013/A++ S, ARZ 014/A++ S, WME1110 W, WME1310 W, KRCB 6020, KRCB 60202, KRCB 6063, KRCB-6010, KRSC 9005-A+, KRSC 9060, KRSF 9005-BL, KRSF 9005-SL
  • Dimensions (HxWxD in mm): 66 x 440 x 105

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