Genuine Whirlpool Fridge Door Bottle Shelf

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Genuine Whirlpool Fridge Door Bottle Shelf.

Fits Models
ARF670/G, ARL080, ARL080/G, ARL080/IG, ARL081/G, ARL083, ARL083/G, ARL083/IG/01, ARL083IG, ARL084/G, ARL084/IG/BS, ARL105/G, ARL105/IG, ARL106, ARL106/GT17, ARL107, ARL107/G, ARL115/G, ARL115/IG, ARL131/G, ARL132/G, ARL615/G,
KGN5000/0, KGN5000/0WS, KGN5000WS, KVIC2400, KVIC2800,
Philips Whirlpool
ARG058, ARG197/01/PH, ARG265PH/01, ARG901, ARG903,
System 600 (Whirlpool)
BR611/02, BR611/R, FF614/02, FF614/R,
WFF224, WFF224/T,
573113, 783363, APM6511, APM6711, ARB50101, ARB513, ARB528, ARB552, ARB55201, ARB55202, ARB554, ARB554WL, ARB556, ARB55601, ARB55801, ARB560, ARG052/G/WP, ARG052GWP, ARG058/G/WP, ARG058GWP, ARG280, ARG636, ARG636/G, ARG636/G/WP, ARG636/WP, ARG636G, ARG636GWP, ARG636WP, ARG637, ARG637/G/WP, ARG637/WP, ARG637GWP, ARG637WP, ARG648/AL/WP, ARG648/G/WP, ARG648/WP, ARG648AL, ARG648ALWP, ARG648GWP, ARG648WP, ARG681, ARG681/G/WP, ARG681GWP, ARG682, ARG682/G/WP, ARG682GWP, ARG712, ARG712PH, ARG724/G/WP, ARG724GWP, ARG749PH, ARG931, ARG931/G, ARG931/G/WP, ARG931/WP, ARG931G, ARG931GWP, ARG931WP, ARG932, ARG932/1, ARG9321, ARG933, ARG933/1, ARG933/G, ARG933/G/WP, ARG933/WP, ARG9331, ARG933G, ARG933GWP, ARG933WP, ARG938/G/WP, ARG938GWP, ARG939/G/PW, ARG939GPW, ARG940/G/WP, ARG940/H/WP, ARG940GWP, ARG940H, ARG940HWP, ARL053IG, ART141/G/WP, ART141/WP, ART141GWP, ART178/G/AL/WP, ART178/G/WP, ART178GALWP, ART178GWP, ART201, ART313, ART313/??KO/G/WP, ART313/?KO/G/WP, ART313/KO/G/WP, ART314, ART314/??KO/G, ART314/??KO/G/WP, ART314/?KO/G, ART314/?KO/G/WP, ART314/KO/G, ART314/KO/G/WP, ART425/G, ART425G, ART426G, ART427/G, ART427/G/BR, ART427G, BFF842, FUN666, PKB180
      • Genuine item: Part No: WPL481941849449

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