Genuine Hotpoint Tumble Dryers Heating Element Assembly - 00095673

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Genuine Hotpoint tumble dryer heating element replacement. Fits a large range of Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda tumble dryers.

genuine part number; 00095673

    • Heating Element 
    • genuine part number; 00095673
    Fits Models


    37521, 37523, 37526E, 37755, 37760, 37761, 37762E, G73VU, G74V, J501VW, CT50V, CT51V, T510VW, T520VW, T530VW, TDL10P, TDL11P, TDL12P, TDL13P, TDL14P, TDL15P, TDL30N, TDL30P, TDL30S, TDL31N, TDL31P, TDL31S, TDL31YS, TDL32N, TDL32P, TDL32S, TDL34N, TDL34P, TDL34S, TDL52N, TDL52P, TDL52S, TDL54N, TDL54P, TDL54S, TFA34N, TFA34P, TFA34S, TFA53N, TFA53P, TFA53S, TR11, TR12, TRE11, TU11, TU12, TVM35A, TVM55A


    G 73 V (UK), G 73 VU (EX), G 73 VU (UK), G 74 V (EX) 60, G 74 V (EX) PAI, G 74 V (EX), G 74 V (FR), G 74 V (NL), G 74 V (UK), G 74 VS (UK)


    37734I, 37760, 37761, 37762E, T400VW, T510VW, T512VW, T520VW, T522VW, T530VW, T532VW, TDL11PE, TDL30PE, TDL30PI, TDL31PE, TR11, TR12, TRE11, TU11, TU12

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