Genuine Hoover Washing Machine Integrated Cupboard Door Hinge

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Genuine Hoover replacement integrated washing machine door hinge. Fits a large range of Hoover, Baumatic, Belling, Lamona and other branded integrated washing machines.

Genuine Hoover hinge.

Fits Models
  • Hoover 
    HDB 244-80, HDB 284-80, HDB 284-SY, HDB 642-80, HDB 642N-80, HDB 854D-30S, HDB 854D-80, HDB 854DN/1-S, HDB244-80, HDB284-80, HDB284-SY, HWB 240/1-80S, HWB 2402DN1-S, HWB 240-80, HWB 240IS-80S, HWB 280-30S, HWB 280-80, HWB 814D/L-S, HWB 814D-80S, HWB240-80, HWB280-30S, HWB280-80, HWB280D-80S, HWB614-30S, HWB614IS, HWD120TD80, HWM120TS80, Iberna, LLI1025


    BWDI1206, BWDI126N, BWMI 1206, BWMI 1407, BWMI1206.1, BWMI1262DN1, BWMI1407.1, BWMI1472DN1

    WD12V, WM10V, WM13VI, Candy AC10M, AC10N, AC10W, AC16, AC18, AC18 (UK), AC20, AC30M, AC30N, AC30W, ALISE100TPX, AS108, AS108 (UK), BWA 5119, CDB 115-80, CDB 126-80, CDB 134-SY, CDB 264N-80, CDB 464-47S, CDB 465-47S, CDB 475D/1-01S, CDB 475D-01S, CDB 475D-07, CDB 475DN/1, CDB 485D/1-37S, CDB 485D-37S, CDB 485DN/1-S, CDB 754D/1-80, CDB 754D-80, CDB 754DN/1-80, CDB 854D-80, CDB 854DN-80, CDB115-80, CDB134-SY, CI1022TPR, CI1033TPR, CI620TP, CI822TPR, CI833TP, CI834 TP, CWB100-37S, CWB110-80, CWB120-37S, CWB80-37S, HJA 8513, HJA 8514, HJA 8552, HJA 8553, HJA 8703, HJA 8704, ICL 60 T, ICL100TR H/C, ICL100TRHC, ICL60T, ICL80T, ICW101TR H/C, ICW101TRHC, LI3 1300 E, LS11000IS, LSI3 1300EVR01, TKL 9909-31, TURBO40/CM, TURBO40/CW, WD 14V, WD12V, WM 13 VI, WM 14VI, WM10V, Cylinda LI600, PAS1018, WDPAS108, Gasfire GLB1060ST, GLB2060ST, 

    HJA 8514.1, LAM 8500, LAM 8510, LAM 8700 

    LFO1024P, LFO624P, LFO824P, LFOH1056P, LFOH856P, Philco PAS 1018, PAS 1053 EN, PAS 1268E, PAS 1268EH, PAS1053E-04, Rosieres 
    LLI10PN (F), LLI10RB (F), LLI80, LSI100, LSI5.10GT-PN, LSI5.10RB(F), RILL 120, RILL 140-47S, RILL 1480-47S, RILL 1480IS-S, RILL100H/C, RILL120, RILL140-47S, RILS 140-04OS, RILS 14853DN-S, RILS 1485-47S, RILS101H/C, RILS120H/C, RILS140-47, RILS1485/1-47S

    TKL60NS, TKL61NS, TKL9909

    ALSI2 1200, LI 1 600, LI 1 800, LI-1000, LI2 1000, LI2 1200E, LI3 1000 E, LI3 1300 E, LI3 800 E, LI4 1000E, LI4 1280 E VR03, LI4 1480 E, LI4 1480 E VR04, LI4 800 E, LI800.1
  • Genuine part: 92784297

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