Genuine Hoover, Candy Tumble Dryer Heater Element - 40005010

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Genuine Hoover tumble dryer element. Fits a large range of Hoover and Candy tumble dryers. 40005010

Please note: Comes with thermostats this may be supplied as 41042962 either will fit.

    • Heating Element
    • Genuine Hoover Part: 40005010
    • 2100w
    Fits Models

    CS C10DF-80 CS C10LF-80 CS C8DF-80 CS C8LF-80 CS C9DF-80 CS C9LF-80 CSV C8LG-80 DYC169A DYC710AV2BX80N DYC7813NB80 DYC8132BX80N DYC88132BXC80N DYC8913BX80N DYC893B EVOC 591CT-80 GCC 580NBS-80 GCC5101NB80 GCC580NB80 GCC580NBB80 GCC580NC80 GCC5813NB80 GCC581NB-80 GCC590NB80 GCC591NB80 GCC591NBB-80 GOC 560B-UK GOC 570B-UK GOC580C-80 GOC581BUK GOC58F-80 GOC58F80N GOC58FB GOC58FB-80N GOC58FS-80N GOC590C-80 GSV C10TE-80 GSV C10TG-80 GSV C9TG-80 GVC D81B-80 GVC D81BB-80 GVCD1013B-80 GVCD101BBC-80 GVCD101BC-80 GVCD101WB-80 GVCD91CB-80 GVCD91CBB-80 GVCD91WB-80 GVS C10DCEB-80 GVS C10DCG-80 GVS C10DCGB-80 GVS C10DCGR-80 GVS C10DE-80 GVS C8DG-80 GVS C9DCG-80 GVS C9DCGB-80 GVS C9DCRG-80 GVS C9DG-80 HC580NC80 VHC68B80 VHC69BCB80N VTC591NB80 VTC671B80N VTC781NBBC80 VTC791NB80 VTC86NB80
    ATD C10TKEBX-80 ATD C10TKERX-80 ATD C10TKEX-80 BHL C8LG-80 DMC D10AVB-80 DMC D10AVBB-80 DMCD1013B-80 DMCD1013BC-80 DNC D91BBB-80 DNC D91BC-80 DNCD813B-80 DNCD813BB-80 DNCD813BC-80 DNCD913B-80 DNCD913BB-80 DNCD91B-80 DX C10DCEB-80 DX C10DCER-80 DX C10DE-80 DX C10TCE-80 DX C10TCEB-80 DX C10TCER-80 DX C10TG-80 DX C8DE-80 DX C8TCE-80 DX C8TCEB-80 DX C8TCER-80 DX C8TG-80 DX C8TRGR-80 DX C9DCE-80 DX C9DCEB-80 DX C9DG-80 DX C9DGB-80 DX C9DKE-80 DX C9TCE-80 DX C9TCEB-80 DX C9TCER-80 DX C9TCG-80 DX C9TCGB-80 DYC 169A-80N DYC 8913B-80 DYC 8913BX-80 DYC169A-80 DYC71013NB-80 DYC710AV2BX-80N DYC710AVBX-80N DYC7813NB-80 DYC8132BX-80 DYC8132BX-80N DYC88132BXC-80 DYC88132BXC-80N DYC8813B-80 DYC890NB-80 DYC8913BX-80N DYC893B-80 HL C10DF-80 HL C10LF-80 HL C8DCG-80 HL C8DF-80 HL C8LF-80 HL C8LG-80 HL C8LGB-80 HL C9DCE-80 HL C9DCEB-80 HL C9DF-80 HL C9DKE-80 HL C9LF-80 HL C9LG-80 HLC8DG-80 LLCD91B-80 VHC580NC-80 VHC680C-80 VHC681B-80 VHC68B VHC68B-80 VHC691B-80 VHC691BS-80 VHC69BCB-80N VTC 581B-80 VTC5101NB-80 VTC570B-80 VTC580NB-80 VTC580NC-80 VTC581BB-80 VTC58NC VTC58NC-80 VTC590B-80 VTC5911NB-80 VTC591BB-80 VTC591NB-80 VTC671B-80N VTC671W-80N VTC680C-80 VTC781NBBC-80 VTC781NBC-80 VTC791NB-80 VTC86NB-80 VTCC580B-80

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