Genuine Glass Fridge Shelf - 476 x 230mm - Electrolux - 2060798077

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Brand new genuine replacement glass refrigerator shelf to fit just above the salad crisper in the lower part of your fridge. 230x476mm
Fits a huge range of Electrolux, AEG, and Zanussi models,

Fits Models
  • Electrolux Fridge & Fridge Freezer

    ER6645T, ERT1646, ER6646T, ER6648T, RRT1601BOW2, ERC25001W, ERC25001W8, ERC25005X, ER7046C, ER7043C, ERC20001W, ERC20002W, ERC20011W, ERC20303X, ERC20001W8, ERC20002W8, ERC20011W8, ERC2003W8, ERC200012W8, ERF2000AOW, ERF2000ALW, ERW20001W, ERW20001W8, ERF2004AOW, ERF2004ALW, ERC25003W, ERF2504AOW, ERF2504ALW, ER6548T, ERT1546, ERT14001W, TK14010, ERT14002W, ERT14011W, ERT14001W8, TK14011, ERT14002W8, ERT14011W8, TK14012, ERW15001W, TK14013, ERS1501FOW, ERT1505FOW, ERT1506FOW, TK14014, ERT1500FW, ERT1506FLW, ERT1501FOW2, ERT1501FLW2, ERT1502FOW2, ERS1502FOW, RRT1501FOW2, ERT1501FOX2, TK140, ERT1501FOW3, ERT1501FLW3, ERT1501FOX3, ERT1502FOW3, ERT16001W, TC15010, ERT16002W, ERT16001W8, TC15011, ERT16002W8, TC15012, ERW16001W, ERS1601AOW, ERT1605AOW, ERT1606AOW, TC15013, TC15014, ERT1601AOW2, ERT1602AOW2, ERS1602AOW, RRT1601AOW2, TC150, ERT1601AOW3, ER1940I, ER6946C, ERC19001W, ERC19002W, ERW19001W, ERC19001W8, ERC19002W8, ERW19001W8, ERC19003W8, ERF1900FOW, ERF1900FLW, ERF1900, ERF1904FOW, ERF1904FLW, ER7446C, SK23110, ERC24002W, ERC24001W, SK23111, ERC24002W8, ERC24001W8, ERC24003W, ERC24004W, ERC24000W, SK23112, SK23113, ERF2404FOW, ERF2405FOW, RRF2404FOW, RRF2404FOX, ERF2406FOW, ERT6658, TC152, ERT6656, ERT17004W, TC15210, ERT17003W, ERT17004W8, TC15211, ERT17003W8, TC15212, ERT17005W, ERT1600AOX, TC15213, ERT1661AOX2, ERT1662AOW2, ERT6558, TK137, ERT6556, ERT15004W, TK13710, ERT15003W, ERT15004W8, TK13711, ERT15003W8, TK13712, ERT15005W, TK13714, ERT1600FW, ERT1562FOW2, RRT1601BOW2, ERF2004AOW, ERF2004ALW, ERF2504AOW, ERF2504ALW, ERS1502FOW, RRT1501FOW2, TK140, ERT1501FOW3, ERT1501FLW3, ERT1501FOX3, ERS1602AOW, TC150, ERF1904FOW, ERF1904FLW, SK23113, ERF2404FOW, RRF2404FOW, RRF2404FOX, ERF2406FOW, TC154, TK139
  • Zanussi Fridge & Fridge Freezer
    ZRT16JD, ZRG416IW, ZRG16700WA, ZRG16705WA, ZRC25JC, ZRA625CW, ZRA626CW, ZRC25JB, ZRA627CW, ZRA620CW, ZRA720CW, ZRA21600WA, ZRA720CWC, ZRA726CW, ZRA25600WA, ZRT15JC, ZRT143W, ZRG314SW, ZRG614SW, ZRG714SW, ZRG814SW, ZRG15800WA, ZRG15801WA, ZRG714SW1, ZRG15805WA, ZRG15807WA, ZRT163W, ZRT163S, ZRG316CW, ZRG616CW, ZRG616CX, ZRG716CW, ZRG716CX, ZRG16604WA, ZRG16600XA, ZRG16600WA, ZRG716CW1, ZRG16603WA, ZRG16605WA, ZRG16605XA, ZRG16607WA, ZRG16606WA, ZRA619SW, ZRA719SW, ZRA719SWC, ZRA17800WA, ZRC243W, ZRA624SW, ZRA724SW, FRA324SW/1, ZRA22800WA, ZRT17JC, ZRG617CW, ZRG717CW, ZRG718CW, ZRG16601WA, ZRG16602WA, ZRG16602WE, ZRT14JC, ZRG615SW, ZRG715SW, ZRG716SW, ZRG14800WA, ZRG14801WA, ZERT6646, ZRT6647, ZERT6546, ZRT1546, ZRT143W1, ZRT1646, ZRT6646S, ZRT183W1, ZRT173W6, ZRC7446, ZRT6656, ZRT175W, ZRT6556, ZRT155W, ZRG16705WA, ZRA21600WA, ZRA25600WA, ZRG15805WA, ZRG16607WA, ZRA17800WA, ZRA22800WA
  • AEG Fridge & Fridge Freezer
    S32500KSS0, S32500KSW1, S32500KSS1, S32501KSW1, S64140TK18, S41540TSW1, S51540TSW1, S71540TSW1, S71540TSW2, S51540TSW2, S41540TSW2, S51600TSW0, S51600TSW1, S71500TSW1, S51600TSW2, S41600TSW2, S71500TSW2, S32440KSW1, S32440KSS1, S71700TSW0, ATC1521, S71700TSX0, ATC1600, S71701TSX0, S81700TSW0, S71440TSW0, ATK1371, S71440TSX0, S173TK4, S17TK5, S26KA7, S26KA78, S60256KA, S163TK4, S16TK5, S64140TK1, S44140TK, S163TK48, S16TK58, S64140TK5, S51540TSW0, S71540TSW0, S60150TK, S40150TK, S173TK48, S17TK58, S60150TK1, S64190KA1, S64190KA18, S25KA7, S64240KA1, S25KA78, S64240KA18, S64240KA, S64246KA, S32440KSS0, S60170TK2, S70170TK3, S70178TK3, S60170TK3, S60170TK28, S70170TK38, S70178TK38, S60170TK38, S60179TK, S70176TK, S60176TK, S64160TK2, S74160TK3, S74168TK3, S64160TK3, S74160TK38, S74168TK38, S64160TK38, S64179TK, S74166TK, S64166TK, S32500KSW1, S32500KSS1, S32501KSW1, S51540TSW2, S41540TSW2, S71500TSW2, S32440KSW1, S32440KSS1, S32441KSW1, S61700TSX0, S91700TSW0, ATK1371, S91440TSW0
  • Dimensions: 230x476mm
  • Genuine Part number - 2060798077

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