Genuine Electrolux Zanussi Fridge Middle Shelf - 305mm Type

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Brand new genuine replacement glass refrigerator middle shelf to fit a range of Electrolux and Zanussi models.

Genuine replacement part.

477mm length, 305mm deep

Fits Models
  • ZBA, ZBB and ZRD range with 305mm deep shelves.
  • AEG: SKS41200S0, SKS41240S0, SDS51600S1, SCS41800S0, SDS51200S1, SDB41211AS, SDB51221AS, S60240DT28, S60240DT3, S60240DT4, S60246DT, S60280DT28, S60247DT4, S60246DT4, SK71203-7I, SK41200-6I, SK71243-7I, SK91800-5I, SK91240-6E, SK91200-6E, SC41840-6I, SC71840-5I, SD41240-6I
  • Brandt: SA3350E, SA3050E, DA2750E, CA2950E
  • DeDietrich: DRS918JE, DRS635JE, DKS876X, DRC728JE, DRC725JE
  • Electrolux: ERN2300EOW, ERN2370SOW, ERN2200EOW, ERN2270SOW, ERN19510, FI1841, ERN34800, EJN2710AOW, RJN2700AOW, FI291/2T, FI291/2TS, FI291/2TV, EJN2702AOW, ENN2900AOW, ENN2900AJW, ENN12900AW, ENN2900ADW, ENN12900BW, ENN2900ACW, FI221/2T, ERD24304W, ERD24304X, ST23010, ERD24001W8, ERD24304W8, ERD24304X8, ST23011, ERD24303X, ST23012, ERD28001W, ERD28304W, ERD28304X, ERD28001W8, ERD28304W8, ERD28304X8, ERD28310W, ERD28310X, ERA28314W, ERA28295W, ERA28314X, ERD24310W, ERD24310X, ERA24314W, ERD24243W, EJ2302AOW, ZRT23100XA, ERN23510, ERN22510, ERN23800, IK2240, IK224, ERN19500, ERN18500, ERN3420, ARN34800, ERO3420, IK331, IK3310RE, IK3310LI, ERF2620, ENN26800, ENG26800, ENN28600
  • Zanussi: ZBA23020SA, ZBA23040SA, ZBA23020SV, ZBA22420SA, ZBA22440SA, ZBA22420SV, ZBA19020SA, ZBA19040SA, ZBA19020SV, ZBA19023SK, ZBA17420SA, ZBA33040SA, ZBB24430SA, ZBB24440SA, ZBT27430SA, ZBB8294, ZBB29430SA, ZBB29445SA, ZBB29430SV, ZBB28650SA, ZBT20420SA, ZBB25430SA, ZRT27100WA, ZRT27101WA, ZRT628W1, ZRT27103WA, ZRT724W1, ZRT23104WA, ZRD23JC, ZRD23JCS, ZRD233W, ZRT623W, ZRT623S, ZRT623X, ZRD27JC, ZRD27JD, ZRT627W, ZRT628W, ZRT627WD, ZRT629WS, ZRT724W, ZRT724X, ZRT23100WA, ZRT23100XA, ZRT23101WA, ZRT23102WA, ZBA3230A, ZBA6230A, ZBA3224A, ZBA5224A, ZI9195A, ZBA6190, ZI9194A, ZBA6184, ZI9345A, ZBA7330, ZBB3244, ZBB3294, ZBB7297, ZI918/9FFA, ZBB7266, ZBT3204
  • 305mm depth
  • 477mm length
  • Genuine Part: 000002251531063

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