Genuine Electrolux Flow Through Dishwasher Heating Element 40mm - 50277796004

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Genuine Electrolux dishwasher flow through element. Fits a large range of dishwasher models including Electrolux, AEG, Zanussi and Tricity Bendix.

Genuine part number - 50277796004


    • 2040w
    • 40mm
    • Heating Element 
    • Genuine part number -50277796004
    Fits Models
    ESF 6250X, ESF6250X, ESF631W, ESI6104B, ESI6104K, ESI6104W, ESI6104X, ESI6220 W, ESI6220 X, ESI6220W, ESI6220X, ESI9112X, ESL 6225, ESL4114, ESL4125, ESL6114, ESL6225


    F44450 , F54850S , F64070VIL  , F84470V, F84980VI, FAV40250ID , FAV40250IW , FAV40300W , FAV42300 , FAV50500W , FAV50700W , FAV50750IA , FAV50750ID , FAV50750IM , FAV50750IW , FAV50750VI , FAV54750VI , FAV60750VI , FAV60800W , FAV64800W , FAV80800W , FAV80850IM , FAV80850IW , FAVORIT5041, F3A**, F40300**, F50750VI**, FAV3A**, FAV40260I-D**, FAV40260I-W**, FAV40260ID**, FAV40260IW**, FAV40310 -W**, FAV40630 -W**, FAV40630 W**, FAV40630W**, FAV40640 -W**, FAV40650**, FAV40660I-D**, FAV40660I-M**, FAV40660I-W**, FAV40660ID**, FAV40660IM**, FAV40660IW**, FAV40740W**, FAV40850**, FAV40850S**, FAV43070VI**, FAV44050I-W**, FAV44050VI**, FAV44070ID**, FAV44070IM**, FAV44070IW**, FAV44070VI**, FAV44630**, FAV50610W**, FAV50620 -W**, FAV50730W**, FAV50740W**, FAV50750**, FAV50750VI**, FAV50760I-A**, FAV50760I-D**, FAV50760I-M**, FAV50760I-W**, FAV54730**, FAV54750VI**, FAV60750VI**, FAV60820W**, FAV60830W**, FAV60870M**, FAV65050I-A**, FAV65050I-B**, FAV65050I-M**, FAV65050I-W**, FAV65050UM**, FAV65050VI**, FAV65053UM**, FAV65053UW**, FAV65070IA**, FAV65070IB**, FAV65070IM**, FAV65070UM**, FAV80800**, FAV80820W**, FAV80850**, FAV80860I-M**, FAV80860I-W**, FAV80860IM**, FAV85050VI**, FAV86050VI**, FAV86070VI**, FAV88070IM**, FAV88070VI**, FAVACTIVEAA, FAV50700 -W**, FAV60800**, FAV80860I-W**, FAV80860IM, 


    DH092W , DH103 , DH104W , DH200W, DH102D , DH103, BDW60


    DA4142 , DA6142 , DA6142S , DA6153 , DE540X , DE6554 , DE6754 , DE6754S , DE6850 , DE6850ALU , DE6854 , DE6855 , DE6865 , DE6954 , DE6955**, IZZI ALU**, ZDI6041B**, ZDI6041N**, ZDI6041W**, ZDI6041X**, ZDI6054QX**, ZDI6054SX**, ZDI6896QX**, ZDI6896SX**, ZDT4041**, ZDT5044**, ZDT6041**, ZDT6244**, ZDT6255**, ZDT6764**, ZSF4112**, ZSF4123**, ZSF4123S**, ZSF6120**, ZSF6150**, ZSF6150S**, ZSF6150X**, ZSF6160, DA4342**, DA6152**, DA6373**, DE4744**, DE4744ALU**, DE6544**, DE6744**, DE6744S**, DE6844ALU**, DES959**, DWS939S**, DWS939W**, DWS949W**, IZZI ALU**, IZZI W**, ZD686B**, ZD686W**, ZD699ALU**, ZDI6053SX**, ZDI6895QA**, ZDI6895QX**, ZDI6895SX**, ZDS699EX**, ZDT6253**, ZDT6894**, ZT6810**, ZT6905**, ZT6910, DA6141D**, DA6142**, DA6142S**, DA6153**, DE6554**, DE6754**, DE6754S**, DE6850**, DE6854**, DE6855**, DE6865**, DE6954**, IZZI ALU, DA4342**, DE4744**, DE6544**, DE6744S**, DE6755**, DE6844ALU**, DE6850**, DE6854**, DE6855**, IZZI ALU**, IZZI W**, ZDI6053QX**, ZDI6895QA**, ZDI6895QX**, ZDI6895SX**, ZDT6253**, ZDT6894

    INFO ON PART IRCA 3025 AC 230V 2100W 773R

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