Genuine Candy Tumble Dryer Fluff And Lint Filter - 40004787

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Genuine Candy fluff and lint filter for a large range of tumble dryer models. 

Fits a range of Candy tumble dryers. Check models on the tab below.

Easy to replace if yours is damaged. Hinged fluff filter.
*May be supplied in white or grey.
    Fits Models

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    • Candy:
      CC217-80, CC276T-47, CDC267ESY, CDC779X-86SY, CC217-88, CC277T-86S, CDC268EX, CDC779XT-88, CC217-SY, CD6720-ISR, CDC268TEX, CDC779XT-SY, CC266-S, CDC165-83SY, CDC268TEXCH, CDE105-80, CC266T-47, CDC168-SY, CDC668-37, CDE107-80, CC267-37, CDC179X-88, CDC668-47, CDV160-SY, CC267-80, CDC263, CDC668-SY, CDV262-04ARG, CC267T-01S, CDC263CH, CDC679X-SY, CDV262ES, CC267T-84, CDC266X, CDC679XT-88, CDV265E, CC267T-88, CDC266XCH, CDC768-47, CDV265EX, CDV660-37, CIC259TEX, CIV130X, EU, CV117-OS, CDV660-47, CIC259TEXCH, CIV145E, CV166-37, CDV660-SY, CIC60, CIV149EX, CV166-37/0, CDV671XSY, CIV100, ARG, CIV14M, CV166-47, CIC200UK, CIV100, EU, CIV60, CV166-47/0, CIC209TX, CIV100, UK, CIVD14EX, CV166-S, CIC209X, CIV100ES, CV116/1-SY, CV167-47, CIC209XCH, CIV100OS, CV116-80, GODV16-47S, CIC258E, CIV109, CV116-SY, GODV16-84, CIC259EX, CIV109OS, CV117-04S, GODV17X-ISR, GODV18-12S, GODV38/1-14S, GODV38-47, GOV118/1-80, GODV18-37S, GODV38/1-37, GODV58F-47, GOV118-80, GODV36/1-37S, GODV38/1-47, GODV58F-85S, GOV58F-80, GODV36-37S, GODV38-14S, GOV117-80, KT6EMAX, GODV375-84, GODV38-37
    • Genuine Item: 40004787
    • Hinged Design
    • May be supplied in white or grey

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