Genuine Bosch freezer Compartment Door - 355752

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Brand new, genuine Bosch replacement fridge freezer door compartment for your Bosch fridge freezer

If your door is cracked or broken, then replace with this genuine Bosch, Siemens & Neff part.

Fits Bosch, also some Siemens & Neff models,

Fits Models

    KIC3240/31, KIC3240/32, KIC3240CH/31, KIC3240CH/32, KIC3240GB/31, KIC3240GB/32, KIC3240IE/31, KIC3240IE/32, KIC3240IE/33, KIC32440/01, KIC32440CH/01, KIC32440IE/01, KIC32441/01, KIC32441CH/01, KIC32442/01, KIC32442/02, KIC32442/03, KIC32442CH/01, KIC32442CH/02, KIC32442CH/03, KIC3260CH/31, KIC38A40/01, KIC38A40/02, KIC38A40CH/01, KIF3040/02, KIF3040/31, KIF30440/01, KIF30440/02, KIF30441/01, KIF30441/02, KIF30441/03, KIF30441/04, KIF38A40/01, KIF38A40/02, KIF38A50/01, KIF38A50/02,KIL28A40/01, KIL28A40/02, KIL28A40CH/01, KIL28A40CH/02, KIL28A40FF/01, KIL28A41FF/01, KIL28A41FF/02, KIL28A50/01, KIL28A50CH/01, KIL28A51/01, KIL28A51/02, KIL28A51/03, KIL28A51/04, KIL28A51CH/01, KIL28A51CH/02, KIL28A65/01, KIL38A40/01, KIL38A40/02, KIL38A40CH/01, KIL38A40CH/02, KIL38A40FF/01, KIL38A40GB/01, KIL38A40IE/01, KIL38A40NE/01, KIL38A41FF/01, KIL38A41FF/02, KIL38A41GB/01, KIL38A41GB/02, KIL38A41NE/01, KIL38A41NE/02, KIL38A41NE/03, KIL38A42/01, KIL38A50/01, KIL38A50CH/01, KIL38A50GB/01, KIL38A50IE/01, KIL38A51/01, KIL38A51/02, KIL38A51/03, KIL38A51CH/01, KIL38A51CH/02, KIL38A51FF/01, KIL38A51IE/01, KIL38A51IE/02, KIL38A52/01, KIL38A65/01, KIV28441/01, KIV28441/02, KIV28441/03, KIV28441CH/01, KIV28441CH/02, KIV28441CH/03, KIV28441FF/01, KIV28441FF/02, KIV28441FF/03, KIV32441/01, KIV32441/02, KIV32441/03, KIV32441CH/01, KIV32441CH/02, KIV32441CH/03, KIV32441FF/01, KIV32441FF/02, KIV32441FF/03, KIV32441NE/02, KIV32441NE/03, KIV32444GB/01, KIV32444GB/02, KIV32444GB/03, KIVDDY1FF/01, KIVDDY1FF/02, KIVDDY1FF/03, SOK328LG0N/01, SOK328RG0N/01, SOK328RS0N/01

  • Dimensions: 459 x 329 x 60 (mm)
  • Colour: White. PLEASE NOTE: Colour and finish may vary due to manufacturer supply changes.
  • Genuine Part number - 355752

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