Genuine Bosch Fridge Freezer Refrigerator Door Bottle Shelf - 704751

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Genuine BOSCH Fridge Door Bottle Shelf

Brand new, genuine door bottle shelf tray for your Bosch fridge freezer.

Replace your damaged bottle shelf tray with this genuine replacement from Bosch.

Manufacturers part number: 704751

Fits Models

    KDV29NW20/01, KDV29NW20/02, KDV29NW20/03, KDV29NW20/04, KDV29NW20/06, KDV29NW20/07, KGV33GW31/01, KGV33NL20/01, KGV33NL20/02, KGV33NW20/01, KGV33NW20/02, KGV33NW20/03, KGV33NW20/04, KGV33NW20/05, KGV33NW20/06, KGV33NW20/07, KGV33NW20/08, KGV33NW20G/01, KGV33NW20G/02, KGV33NW20G/03, KGV33NW20G/04, KGV33NW20G/06, KGV33NW20G/07, KGV33NW20G/08, KGV33NW20G/09, KGV33NW20G/10, KGV33NW20G/11, KGV33NW30/01, KGV33NW30/03, KGV33VI31/01, KGV33VL31/01, KGV33VL31S/01, KGV33VW31/01, KGV33VW31S/01, KGV36NL20/01, KGV36NL20/02, KGV36NL20/03, KGV36NL20/05, KGV36NL20/06, KGV36NL20/08, KGV36NL20/09, KGV36NL20/10, KGV36NL20/11, KGV36NL20/12, KGV36NL20S/01, KGV36NL20S/02, KGV36NL20S/03, KGV36NL20S/04, KGV36NL20S/06, KGV36NL20S/07, KGV36NL20S/08, KGV36NL20S/09, KGV36NL20S/10, KGV36NL20S/11, KGV36NL20S/12, KGV36NL20S/13, KGV36NW20/01, KGV36NW20/02, KGV36NW20/03, KGV36NW20/04, KGV36NW20/05, KGV36NW20/06, KGV36NW20/07, KGV36NW20/08, KGV36NW20/09, KGV36NW20/10, KGV36NW20/11, KGV36NW20/12, KGV36NW20G/01, KGV36NW20G/02, KGV36NW20G/05, KGV36NW20G/06, KGV36NW20G/07, KGV36NW20G/08, KGV36NW20G/09, KGV36NW20G/10, KGV36NW20G/11, KGV36NW20G/12, KGV36NW20G/13, KGV36NW20S/01, KGV36NW20S/02, KGV36NW20S/03, KGV36NW20S/04, KGV36NW20S/05, KGV36NW20S/06, KGV36NW20S/08, KGV36NW20S/09, KGV36NW20S/10, KGV36NW20S/11, KGV36NW20S/12, KGV36NW20S/13, KGV36NW20S/14, KGV36NW30/01, KGV36NW30/02, KGV36NW30/03, KGV39VI31/01, KGV39VL31/01, KGV39VW32G/01
  • Dimensions: Width: 470mm Height (front): 93mm Height (Rear): 60mm Depth: 120mm

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