Genuine Beko Washing Machine Door Interlock Switch - WM, WMA, WMB, WMC, WME

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High quality genuine replacement washing machine door interlock to fit a large range of Beko WM, WMA, WMB, WMC and WME series washing machines.

Genuine part: 2805310400

Fits Models

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WM1510W, WM1512S, WM1510S, WM1512W, WM5100S, WM5100W, IWM7KG, QWM 84, WASH512W, WI1382, WM1512S, WM5100S, WM5100W, WM5101W, WM5102W, WM5120S, WM5120W, WM5121S, WM5121W, WM5140S, WM5140W, WM5141S, WM5141W, WM6103W, WM6110W, WM6111W, WM6112W, WM6120S, WM6123S, WM6123W, WM6133S, WM6133W, WM6142S, WM6142W, WM6143B, WM6143S, WM6143W, WM6152W, WM6167S, WM6167W, WM6355W, WM7110W, WM7120W, WM7127S, WM7127W, WM7147S, WM7147W, WM7167W, WM72CPW, WM7335W, WM7355S, WM74135W, WM74155LS, WM74155LW, WM74155SL, WM8127S, WM8127W, WMA10, WMA10W, WMA1510, WMA1510S, WMA1510W, WMA1512S, WMA1512W, WMA510S, WMA510W, WMA520, WMA520S, WMA520W, WMA610S, WMA610W, WMA620, WMA620S, WMA620W, WMA641, WMA641S, WMA641W, WMA642, WMA642S, WMA642W, WMA647W, WMA651S, WMA651W, WMA652S, WMA727S, WMA727W, WMA747S, WMA747W, WMA767S, WMA767W, WMB 10 W, WMB 71642 S, WMB 71642 W, WMB10, WMB10W, WMB510W, WMB61021W, WMB61221S, WMB61221W, WMB61431B, WMB61431S, WMB61431W, WMB61631S, WMB61631W, WMB6510R, WMB71021W, WMB71231B, WMB71231S, WMB71231W, WMB71442S, WMB71442W, WMB71642S, WMB71642W, WMB81221LS, WMB81241LB, WMB81241LS, WMB81241LW, WMB91242LB, wmb91242lc, WMC 61 W, WMC 62 W, WMC 64 W, WMC6100S, WMC6120W, WMC61S, WMC61W, WMC62W, WMC64W, WME7227S, WME7227W, WME7247S, WME7247W, WME7267S, WME7267W, WME8227B, WME8227S, WME8227W


  • Genuine replacement part: 2805310400

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