Genuine Beko Tumble Dryer Fluff And Lint Filter - 2972300100

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Genuine Beko fluff and lint filter for a large range of tumble dryer models. 

Fits a range of Beko tumble dryers. Check models on the tab below.

Easy to replace if yours is damaged. Hinged fluff filter.
    Fits Models

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    • Beko:
      D170K, D70KT, D71KT, D79KT, D80EK, DC7041W, DC7110, DC7110S, DC7110W, DC7112W, DC7120, DC713, DC7130, DC7130S, DC7132, DC7132S, DC7230, DC72301, DC7230B, DC7230PL, DC7230PL2, DC7230S, DC7230XS, DC7430, DCSC821W, DCU6130B, DCU6130S, DCU6130W, DCU7110, DCU720030, DCU7230, DCU7230B, DCU7230EJ150, DCU7230S, DCU7230W, DCU7230X, DCU7231, DCU7330, DCU7330X, DCU7330XB, DCU7330XS, DCU7332, DCU740030, DCU7430, DCU7430S, DCU7430X, DCU823, DCU8230, DCU8230PL, DCU8230W, DCU8230X, DCU8230XS, DCU8231G, DCU8302G, DCU8330, DCU8330GX, DCU8330X, DCU8331GX, DCU8332B, DCU8332X, DCU8332XRC, DCU8402, DCU8430X, DCU8431G, DCU930, DCU9302X, DCU9330, DCU9330R, DCU9330W, DCU9330X, DCU9330XB, DCU9330XS, DCX71100W, DCX83100W, DCY7202XW3, DCY7202YW3, DCY7402XSS2, DCY7402XW3, DCY8202GB5, DCY8202W3, DCY8202XW3, DCY8402GX-, DCY8402XW3, DCY8502GX, DCY8502XB1, DP8045CW, DPU7304XE, DPU7304XEB, DPU7304XER, DPU7305XE, DPU7305XEL, DPU7306XE, DPU7340X, DPU7343X, DPU7360X, DPU7360XB, DPU7360XR, DPU7380X, DPU7404X, DPU7404XE, DPU7440, DPU8304, DPU8304XE, DPU8305X, DPU8305XE, DPU8305XEL, DPU8340X, DPU8341X, DPU8360W, DPU8360X, DPU8360XPL, DPU8380X, DPU8380XBB, DS70KT, DSC64S, DSC64W, DSC85W, DV6120X
    • Genuine Item: 2972300100
    • Hinged Design

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