Genuine Bosch Tumble Dryer Filter - 652184

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Genuine Bosch fluff and lint filter for a large range of tumble dryer models. 

Fits a range of Bosch tumble dryers. Check models on the tab below.

Easy to replace if yours is damaged. 
    Fits Models
    • Bosch: 3SC71600A/24, 3SC71600A/25, 3SC71600A/27, 3SC71600A/28, 3SC71600A/30, 3SC71600A/31, 3SC81400A/05, 3SC81400A/08, 3SC81400A/15, 3SC81601A/16, 3SC81601A/18, 3SC81601A/21, 3SC81601A/22, 3SC81601A/24, 3SC81602A/24, 3SC81602A/25, 3SC81602A/27, 3SC81602A/28, 3SC81602A/30, 3SC81602A/31, 3SC83600A/05, 3SC83600A/08, 3SC83600A/09, 3SC83600A/13, 3SC83600A/16, 3SC83601A/16, 3SC83601A/18, 3SC83601A/24, 3SC83602A/24, 3SC83602A/30, 3SC873/33, 3SC873/35, 3SC873/38, 3SC873/39, 3SC873/40, 3SC873/45, 3SC883/33, 3SC883/35, 3SC883/38, 3SC883/39, 3SC883/40, 3SC883/45, 3SC885/33, 3SC885/35, 3SC885/40, 3SC885/43, 3SC908CE/03, 3SC908CE/05, 3SC908CE/07, 3SC918CE/03, 3SC918CE/05, 3SC918CE/07, 3SC918CE/08, 3SC928A/03, 3SC928A/05, 3SC928A/07, 3SC928A/08, 3SC928CE/01, 3SC928CE/02, 3SC928CE/03, 3SC930A/05, 3SC930A/08, 3SC930A/12, 3SC930A/15, 3SC930A/17, 3SC938CE/01, 3SC938CE/02, 3SC938CE/03, 3SE71600A/04, 3SE71600A/07, 3SE71600A/09, 3SE939CE/01, 3SE939CE/02, 3SE939CE/04, 3SE949CE/01, 3SE949CE/02, 3SE949CE/04, 4SC71400A/05, 4SC71400A/08, 4SC71400A/12, 4SC71400A/15, 4SC71400A/17, 4SE61400A/02, 4SE61400A/04, 4SE71400A/04, 4SE71400A/07, 4SE71400A/10, CWA4V100IL/02, CWA4V100IL/04, CWA4V100IL/07, CWK4E100/01, CWK4E100/02, CWK4E100/03, CWK4E100/05, CWK4E100/07, CWK4E100/08, CWK4E100/12, CWK4E100/15, CWK4E100/17, CWK4E100FG/01, CWK4E100FG/02, CWK4E100FG/03, CWK4E100FG/05, CWK4E100FG/08, CWK4E100FG/12, CWK4E100FG/15, CWK4E100FG/17, CWK4E100FG/22, CWK4E100FG/25, CWK4E100FG/27, CWK4E100FG/28, CWK4E101/05, CWK4E101/08, CWK4E101/12, CWK4E101/15, CWK4E101/17, KDR72007/43, KDR72007/45, KDR72007BN/45, KM8430CTR/16, KM8430CTR/18, KM8431CTR/24, KM8431CTR/27, KM8431CTR/30, KM8432CTR/35, KM8432CTR/38, R7380X0EU/05, R7380X0EU/08, R7380X0EU/12, R7380X0EU/13, R7380X0EU/16, R7380X0EU/17, R7380X0EU/24, R7380X0EU/27, R7380X1EU/24, R7380X1EU/30, R7380X1EU/35, R7380X1EU/38, R7380X1EU/39, R7380X1EU/40, R7380X1EU/43, R7380X1EU/45, R8580X0GB/27, R8580X0GB/30, R8580X0GB/35, R8580X0GB/38, R8580X1GB/40, R8580X1GB
    • Genuine Item: 652184
    • Hinged Design

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