Genuine Hotpoint Salad Drawer Right - C00111366

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This salad drawer will only fit the models as shown below or as specifically advised and will not fit any others even if it looks the same, it probably won't be as there are several that look alike yet are not. If you are unsure please check the model number which is normally found inside the fridge or freezer. You will likely need to remove the salad drawer or freezer drawer to find the model number plate. Otherwise the model number is likely to be on the side or rear of the appliance. The model number will usually be printed or stamped on to a sticker or plate and will consist of numbers and letters

Colour altered to solid white by the manufacturer.

Please check the model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model.

Fits Models
  • Ariston Fridge Freezer
    MSAA46, MSAA46(32195)

  • Hotpoint Fridge Freezer
    COM70P, COM72P, COM95P, FFA60N, FFA60P, FFA60S, FFA61G, FFA61P, FFA61T, FFA64G, FFA64P, FFA64T, FFA70N, FFA70P, FFA70S, FFA71G, FFA71P, FFA71T, FFA74G, FFA74P, FFA74T, FFA75G, FFA76G, FFA76P, FFA80N, FFA80P, FFA80S, FFA81G, FFA81P, FFA81T, FFA84G, FFA84P, FFA84T, FFA90N, FFA90P, FFA90S, FFA91G, FFA91P, FFA91T, FFA97G, FFA97P, FFA97T, FFM61A, FFM64A, FFM71A, FFM74A, FFM74X, FFM81A, FFM84A, FFM84X, FFM91A, FFM97A, FFM97X, LDR80P, RFA06G, RFA06P, RFA06T, RFA07G, RFA07P, RFA07T, RFA08G, RFA08P, RFA08T, RFA16G, RFA16P, RFA16T, RFA17G, RFA17P, RFA17T, RFA18G, RFA18P, RFA18T, RFA60N, RFA60P, RFA60S, RFA63G, RFA63P, RFA63T, RFA66G, RFA66P, RFA66T, RFA70N, RFA70P, RFA70S, RFA73G, RFA73P, RFA73T, RFA80N, RFA80P, RFA80S, RFM06A, RFM07A, RFM08A, RFM16A, RFM18A, RFM63A, RFM66A, RFM73A, RFS60N, RLA50N, RLA50P, RLA50S, RLA51G, RLA51P, RLA51T, RLA52N, RLA52P, RLA52S, RLA53G, RLA53P, RLA53T, RLA54G, RLA54P, RLA54T, RLA56G, RLA56P, RLA56T, RLA61G, RLA61P, RLA61T, RLA64G, RLA64P, RLA64T, RLA80N, RLA80P, RLA80S, RLA81G, RLA81P, RLA81T, RLA84G, RLA84P, RLA84T, RLM51A, RLM53A, RLM54A, RLM56A, RLM61A, RLM64A, RLM80A, RLM81A, RLM84A, RLM84X, RLS80N, RLS80P, RLS80S
  • Colour : White

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