Genuine AEG, Electrolux, Tricity Bendix & Zanussi Washing Machine Heating Element - 1750w 3792301206

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High quality genuine AEG, Electrolux, Tricity Bendix & Zanussi and many, many  more Washing Machine Heating Element

  • Fits a range of AEG, Electrolux, Tricity Bendix & Zanussi and many, many more Washing Machine Heating Element
  • 1750w
  • Genuine item


Fits Models
  • AEG
    L11842VIT, L12843VIT, L62642VI, L63742VI
  • Electrolux
    EWG12450W, EWP107105W, EWP127105W, EWP1464TYW,EWG14750W, EWP1072TDW, EWP127107W, EWP147100W, EWN14791W,EWP107300W, EWP1272TDW, EWP147105W, EWN14991K, EWP1074TDW,EWP127300W, EWP1472TDW, EWN14991S, EWP126100W, EWP1274TDW,EWP147300W, EWN14991W, EWP1262TDW, EWP146100W, EWP1474TDW,EWP1062TDW, EWP1262THW, EWP1462TDW, EWP1474TEW,EWP1062TEW, EWP1264TDW, EWP1462TIW, EWP1474TFW,EWP1064TDW, EWP127100W, EWP146300W, EWP166100W, EWP107100W, EWP127101W, EWP1464TDW, EWP1662TIW,EWP167100W, EWP1674TDW, EWP66200W, EWX12550W,EWP1672TDW, EWP1674TFW, EWP86200W, EWX14450W,EWP167300W, EWP1674TGW.
  • Elektro-Helios
    EHL TF 1472E SV, TF1270E, TF1472E, TF1482E,TF1070E, TF1280E, TF1480E
  • Faure
    FWG7128P, FWH6123KA, FWH7125P, FWH7145P
  • Ikea
  • John Lewis
    JLBIWD1403, JLBIWM1402Rex RWP105109W, RWP106200W, RWP66200W, RWP86109W,RWP105205W, RWP126109W, RWP86105W, RWP86200W,RWP106109W, RWP126200W
  • Rosenlew
    RTF4100, RTF6270, RTF6470, RTF6471, RTF4200
  • Zanker
    DF2216.6, DF4454.6, KWF61400WE, PF4260.6 ,DF2418.6, DF4454.7, KWF71411WE, PF4260.7, DF4256.6,EF3475.6, KWF71611WE, SF2414.6, DF4256.7, EF3475_6
  • Zanussi
    ZKI225, ZWG6140P, ZWG7160AP, ZWH6169AP,ZKI245, ZWG6140PS, ZWG7160P, ZWH7103P, ZWF5140P,ZWG6141P, ZWH6100P, ZWH7120P, ZWF6100P, ZWG6144PS,ZWH6102PS, ZWH7121PS, ZWG1102PS, ZWG6160P, ZWH6103P,ZWH7123P, ZWG5140P, ZWG6161P, ZWH6120P, ZWH7130P,ZWG5148P, ZWG7123P, ZWH6130P, ZWH7140AP, ZWG5160P,ZWG7140AP, ZWH6140P, ZWH7140APS, ZWG6100P,ZWG7140P, ZWH6149AP, ZWH7148P, ZWG6120P, ZWG7143P,ZWH6160P, ZWH7160AP, ZWH7160P, ZWI1125, ZWI2125
    ZWF6100P, ZWG5148P, ZWG6141P, ZWG6144PS,ZWG6161P, ZWG7140P, ZWG7160P, ZWH6120P, ZWH6130P,ZWH6140P, ZWH6160P, ZWH7120P, ZWH7130P, ZWH7148P,ZWH7160P, ZWHB7160P
  • Zoppas
    PWF5850, PWG6850, PWH71061, PWH71270,PWG61050, PWH71050, PWH71070, PWH71453, PWG61261,PWH71055, PWH71261
  • 1750 watts
  • 230 volts
  • Contains NTC Sensor Thermistor
  • Single Tag Type
  • Earth Tag
  • Full length of element: 220mm
  • Length of element to bracket: 185mm
  • Width of element: 65mm
  • Length of element to tubular bend: 140mm

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