Genuine Ariston, Creda, Hotpoint & Indesit Washing Machine Heating Element - 1700w

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High quality Genuine Ariston, Creda, Hotpoint & Indesit Washing Machine Heating Element

  • Fits a range of Ariston, Creda, Hotpoint & Indesit Washing Machine Heating Element
  • 1700w
  • Genuine item C00279904 


Fits Models
    HE7F 451P UK, HE7L 252P UK, HE7L 292P UK, HE7L 492P UK, HE7L 692P UK, HE8L 493G UK, HE8L493PUK, HE9L 493P UK, HF6B 351G UK, HF6B 351P UK, HF6D 551G UK, HF8B 593G UK, HF8B 593P UK, HF8D 393P UK, HFEL 501P UK, HFEL 521P UK, HSTB 621P UK, HSTB621PUKM, HTB 721P UK, HULT742PUKM, HULT 822P UK, HULT 843G UK, HULT 843P UK, HULT 923 P UK, HULT 943G UK, HULT 943K UK, HULT 943P UK, HULT 963P UK, HV6F 160 P (UK), HV7F 140 P (UK), HV7F 451K UK, HV7L 130 G (UK), HV7L 1451P UK, HV7L1451PUKM, HV7L 145 G (UK), HV7L 145 P (UK), HV8B 593G UK, HV8D 393P, HV8F 292P UK, HY6F 1551P UK, HY6F 3551P UK, HY6F 451P UK, HY6F 5551P UK, HY6L 251P UK, HY8F 491P UK, HY8L 251P UK, NSWA943CWWUK, RSG864JUK, RSG964JUK, SWMD 8237 UK, SWMD 9437G UK, SWMD 9437 UK, SWMD 9637 UK, SWMD 9637XR UK, WMAL 621P UK, WMAL 641G UK, WMAL 641K UK, WMAL 641P UK, WMAL 661G UK, WMAL 661P UK, WMAO743GUK, WMAO743KUK, WMAO743PUK, WMAO863GUK, WMAO863PUK, WMAO963PUK, WMAOD844PUK, WMAQB 641P UK, WMAQB 721P UK, WMAQB 741G UK, WMAQB 741P UK, WMAQC 641P UK, WMAQC741GUK, WMAQC 741P UK, WMAQF 621G UK, WMAQF 621P UK, WMAQF 641G UK, WMAQF 641P UK, WMAQF 721G UK, WMAQF 721P UK, WMAQF721PUKM, WMAQG 641G UK, WMAQG 721P UK, WMAQG 741P UK, WMAQL 621G UK, WMAQL 621P UK, WMAQL 641G UK, WMAQL 641P UK, WMAQL721AUK, WMAQL 721P UK, WMAQL 741G UK, WMAQL 741 P UK, WMBF742GUK, WMBF742KUK, WMBF742PUK, WMBF763PUK, WMBF 822P UK, WMBF844GUK, WMBF844PUK, WMBF944GUK, WMBF944KUK, WMBF944PUK, WMBF963PUK, WMD 740 P (UK).R, WMD 940 A (UK).R, WMD 940 G (UK).R, WMD 940 K (UK).R, WMD 940 P (UK).R, WMD 942 G (UK), WMD 942 K (UK), WMD 942 P (UK), WMD 945 P (UK), WMD 947 G (UK), WMD 947 P (UK), WMD 960 A (UK).R, WMD 960 G (UK).R, WMD 960 P (UK).R, WMD 962 G (UK), WMD 962 P (UK), WMD 967 G (UK), WMD 967 P (UK), WMD 9692 P (UK), WMEF 641P UK, WMEF 7025P UK, WMEF 702P UK, WMEF 7225A UK, WMEF 7225P UK, WMEF722BCUK, WMEF 722G UK, WMEF 722P UK, WMEF 742G UK, WMEF742PUK, WMEF 762P UK, WMEF 923P UK, WMEF 963G UK, WMEF 963P UK, WMF 520 P (UK).R, WMF 540 G (UK).R, WMF 540 P (UK).R, WMF 560 P (UK).R, WMF 720 G (UK).R, WMF 720 P (UK).R, WMF 740 A (UK).R, WMF 740 G (UK).R, WMF 740 K (UK).R, WMF 740 P (UK).R, WMF 760 A (UK).R, WMF 760 G (UK).R, WMF 760 P (UK).R, WMF 940 P (UK).R, WMF 945 G (UK), WMF 945 P (UK), WMFG 611G UK, WMFG 611P UK, WMFG 631G UK, WMFG 631P UK, WMFG 641G UK, WMFG 651P UK, WMFG 741G UK, WMFG 741P UK, WMFG 821P UK, WMFG 8337P UK, WMFG 8537G UK, WMFG 8537K UK, WMFG 8537P UK, WMFG 942P UK, WMFL 833 G UK, WMFUG 742G UK, WMFUG 742P UK, WMFUG742PUKM, WMFUG842GUK, WMFUG 842K UK, WMFUG 842P UK, WMFUG842PUKM, WMFUG942G, WMFUG 942G UK, WMFUG 942P UK, WML 520 P (UK).R, WML 540 G (UK).R, WML 540 P (UK).R, WML 560 G (UK).R, WML 560 P (UK).R, WML 720 P (UK).R, WML 721P UK, WML 730 G (UK).R, WML 730 P (UK).R, WML 760 P (UK).R, WML 940 P (UK).R, WML 945 P (UK), WMPF 742G UK, WMPF 742K UK, WMPF 742P UK, WMPF 762G UK, WMPF 762P UK, WMPF 823P UK, WMPF 843G UK, WMPG 742B UK, WMPG 742G UK, WMPG 742P UK, WMPG 762G UK, WMPG 762P UK, WMSAQG 621G UK, WMSAQG 621P UK, WMSEF 621P UK, WMSFG 621P UK, WMSL 501P UK, WMSL 521P UK, WMSYL 621G UK, WMSYL 621P UK, WMUD 823 P UK, WMUD 843 BC UK, WMUD 843P UK, WMUD 843PX UK, WMUD 9427 G UK, WMUD 9427 P UK, WMUD 942B UK, WMUD 942 G UK, WMUD 942K UK, WMUD 942 P UK, WMUD 943PX UK, WMUD 962 G UK, WMUD 962 P UK, WMUD 963P UK, WMXTF 742G UK, WMXTF 742K UK, WMXTF 742P UK, WMXTF742PUKM, WMYF 822G UK, WMYF 842G UK, WMYF 842P UK, WMYF 862P UK, WMYL 6151B UK, WMYL 6151P UK, WMYL 6351G UK, WMYL 6351 K UK, WMYL 6351P UK, WMYL 641P UK, WMYL 6551P UK, WMYL 661G UK, WMYL 661K UK, WMYL 661P UK, WMYL 7151PS UK, WMYL 8352 B UK, WMYL 8352P UK, WMYL 8552G UK, WMYL 8552P UK
    ECO6D 109 (PL).R, ECO6F 105 (PL).R, FMG 722W PL, FMSDN 623B PL, WMF 601 PL, WMG 722 PL, WMSF 501 PL, WMSG 601 PL
    BI WMWG 71253 UK, BI WMWG 71484 UK, FWDD1071681W, FWDG86148W
    BWE101684XW, EWD81482WUK, EWSD61252WUK, IWB 71250 (UK), IWC 61051 ECO (PL), IWC 6105 (PL), IWC 61251 S ECO UK, IWC 6125 S (UK), IWC 61451 ECO UK, IWC 61451 S ECO (UK), IWC 6145 S (UK), IWC 6153 (UK), IWC 61651 ECO (UK), IWC 61651 S ECO UK, IWC 6165 S (UK), IWC 6165 (UK), IWC 71450 (UK), IWC 71451 ECO UK, IWC71451UK.M, IWC71452ECOU, IWC 8123 (UK), IWC 81481 ECO (UK), IWC81482ECOU, IWC 8148 (UK), IWC91482ECOU, IWD 61051 ECO (PL), IWD 6105 (PL), IWD 61250 K (UK), IWD 71250 S (UK), IWD 71250 (UK), IWD 71251 ECO (UK), IWD 71251 S ECO UK, IWD 71451 K ECO UK, IWD 71451 S ECO UK, IWD 7145 K (UK), IWD 7145 S (UK), IWD 7145 (UK), IWD 7168 S (UK), IWD 7168 (UK), IWE 6085 (PL), IWE 6105 (PL), IWE 61251 ECO (PL), IWE 6125 (PL), IWE 7125 B (PL), IWE 71281 ECO (PL), IWE 71282 ECO (PL), IWE 7145 B (UK), IWE 7145 K (UK), IWE 7145 S (UK), IWE71682WECO, IWE 7168 B (UK), IWE 7168 S (UK), IWE 8123 (UK), IWE 81251 S ECO UK, IWE 81281 ECO (UK), IWE 81281 K ECO UK, IWE 81281 K (UK), IWE 81281 S (UK), IWE 81281 (UK), IWE 81282 B ECO (PL), IWE 81481 ECO (UK), IWE 81481 S ECO UK, IWE 81481 S (UK), IWE 81481 (UK), IWE 81681 ECO (UK), IWE 81681 S (UK), IWE 81681 (UK), IWE 91281 ECO (UK), IWE 91480 (UK), IWE 91481 ECO (UK), IWSB 51251 ECO UK, IWSB 61151 ECO UK, IWSB 61251 ECO UK, IWSC 51051 C ECO PL, IWSC 51051 ECO UK, IWSC51051UKM, IWSC 51251 ECO UK, IWSC51251KEC, IWSC 61051 ECO UK, IWSC 61251 ECO UK, IWSC 61251 S ECO UK, IWSD 51051 C ECO PL, IWSD 51151 B ECO UK, IWSD 51251 C ECO PL, IWSD 51251 ECO UK, IWSD 5125 (PL), IWSD 61051 C ECO PL, IWSD 61251 ECO (UK), IWSD 61251 K ECO UK, IWSE 51050 B ECO (PL, IWSE 51051 BC ECO PL, IWSE 51250 B ECO (PL, IWSE 51251 B CECO PL, IWSE 51251 C ECO PL, IWSE 5125 B (PL), IWSE 61051 BC ECO PL, WIXXE 127 (UK), XWA 61051 W PL, XWA 61452 W UK, XWA 71051 W PL, XWA 71052X WWGG PL, XWA 71451 W UK, XWA 71452 K UK, XWA 81252X K UK, XWA 81252X W UK, XWA 81482X S UK, XWA 81482X W UK, XWA 81682X S UK, XWA 81682X W UK, XWA 91683X W UK, XWB 71252 W UK, XWC61452SUK, XWC 61452 W UK, XWC 61651 W UK, XWC 71252 W UK, XWC 81483X S UK, XWC 81483X W UK, XWD 61452 W UK, XWD71252SUK, XWD 71252 W UK, XWD 71452 S UK, XWD 71452 W UK, XWD 71452X K UK, XWDE751480XK, XWDE751480XS, XWDE751480XW, XWE 61052X WWGG PL, XWE 61251 W PL, XWE 61252X WWGG PL, XWE 71083X WWGG PL, XWE 71251 W PL, XWE 71252 W PL, XWE 71283X WWGG PL, XWE 81283X WWGG PL, XWE81482XWUK, XWE 91282X S UK, XWE 91282X W UK, XWE 91483X S UK, XWE91483XUK, XWE 91483X W UK, XWE 91683X WWG UK, XWSA 51051 W PL, XWSB 61251 W UK, XWSC 61051 W UK, XWSC 61251 W UK, XWSE 61052 W PL, XWSE 61252 W PL

  • 1700 watts
  • 230 volts
  • Single Tag Type
  • Earth Tag
  • Full length of element: 200mm
  • Length of element to bracket: 170mm
  • Width of element: 65mm
  • Length of element to tubular bend: 120mm

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