Compatible Hotpoint Indesit Dishwasher Top Spay Arm Fixing Nut

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Compatible Hotpoint Indesit Dishwasher Top Spay Arm Fixing Nut

Fits Hotpoint Indesit dishwashers.


Fits Models


BCI45, BCI450, BFI62, BFI620, BFI68, BFI680, BFQ700T, BFT680X, BFT68X, BFV620B, BFV620K, BFV620W, BFV620X, BFV62B, BFV62K, BFV62W, BFV62X, BFV680X, BFV68X, BFZ680X, BFZ700X, DC27P, DC28N, DC28P, DC28S, DWF40P, DWF40P.2, DWF50N, DWF50P, DWF50PT, DWF50S, DWF70N, DWF70P, DWF70S, DWM55A, DWM75A, DWT10P, DWT10P.2, FDW20P, FDW60G, FDW60P, FDW60T, FDW65A, FDW70G, FDW70P, FDW70T, FDW75A, FDW80G, FDW80P, FDW80T, FDW85A, SDW60P, SDW80G, SDW80P, SDW80T, SDW85A


D41UK- D61DUK- D61SUK- D61UK- D63SUK- D63UK- D64UK- D66SUK- DE43UK- DE72UK- DE73UK- DG6100WG&/1- DG6109S- DG6145W- DG6145WE- DG6145WG- DG6300WG- DG6450WG- DI450UK- DI6- DI61A- DI61UK- DI62- DI620UK- DI62UK- DI62UKB- DI65UK- DI67SUK- DI67UK- DV61BRUK- DV61IXUK- DV61WHUK- DV620BKUK- DV620KIXUK- DV620WHUK- DV62BK- DV62BKUK- DV62IX- DV62KIXUK- DV62WH- DV62WHUK- DVG622BKUK- DVG622KIXUK- DVG622WHUK- IDE1000UK- IDE1000UK.2- IDE1005SUK- IDE1005SUK.2- IDE44UK- IDL40SUK- IDL40UK- IDL500UK- IDL500UK.2- IDL500UK.2T- IDL505SUK- IDL505SUK.2- IDL530UK- IDL535SUK.2- IDL700UK- IDL700UK.2- IDL705SUK- IDL705SUK.2- IDL730UK.2- IDL735SUK.2- IDTMUK



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