Genuine Hoover Candy CS series 'See Through Type' Washing Machine Door Handle

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Genuine Hoover Candy CS Series washing machine door handle lever . Fits a large range of Hoover Candy CS Series washing machines, see all models below.

Fits Models

HLC O1472D3/1-84


CS 1071D1/1-04, CS 1071D1/1-ISR, CS 1071D1/1-S, CS 1071D3/1-S, CS 1071D3-01, CS 1072D1/1-S, CS 1072D3/1-S, CS 1072D3-S, CS 1072DS1R/1-S, CS 1072DS1S/1-S, CS 1271D1/1-19, CS 1271D1Z/1-19, CS 1271D2/1-ZA, CS 1271D3/1-S, CS 1271D3-S, CS 1271DR2R/1-ZA, CS 1272D3/1-01, CS 1272D3/1-47, CS 1272D3/1-S, CS 1272D3-01, CS 1272D3-47, CS 1272D3-S, CS 1281D3/1-47, CS 1281D3-01, CS 1281D3-47, CS 1282D2/1-19, CS 1282D2Z/1-19, CS 1282D3/1-47, CS 1282D3-01, CS 1282D3R/1-47, CS 1282D3-S, CS 1282D3S/1-47, CS 1282D3S-47, CS 1282DR3R/1-ZA, CS 1282DS3S/1-04, CS 1292D2/1-19, CS 1292D3-01, CS 1292D3B-S, CS 1292D3-S, CS 1292DR3R/1-ZA, CS 1292DR3R-47, CS 1292DR3R-S, CS 1292DS3/1-07, CS 1292DS3-07, CS 1292DS3R/1-S, CS 1292DS3S/1-S, CS 1292DS3S-S, CS 13102D3/1-47, CS 13102D3/1-S, CS 13102D3S/1-47, CS 1382D3-47, CS 1382D3-S, CS 14102D3/1-01, CS 14102D3/1-47, CS 14102D3-S, CS 1472D3/1-47, CS 1472D3/1-S, CS 1472D3-47, CS 1472D3-S, CS 1472D3S/1-47, CS 1472DR3R/1-47, CS 1482D3/1-80, CS 1482D3/1-S, CS 1482D3-01, CS 1482D3-80, CS 1482D3-88S, CS 1482D3B/1-80, CS 1482D3B-80, CS 1482D3-S, CS 1482DE/1-80, CS 148D3/1-80, CS 148D3-80, CS 1492D3-47, CS 1492D3-S, CS 1492DB3B-47, CS 1492DE/1-80, CS 1672D3/1-80, CS 1682D3B/1-80, CS 1692D3-S, CS 492D3W/1-80, CS G4102D3/1-84, CS G472D3/1-84, CS13102DB3B/1-47, CS3 1052D2-S, CS3 1162D3-S, CS34 1051D1/2-07, CS34 1052D1/2-07, CS34 1062D2/2-07, CS34 1262D3/2-47, CS34 1262D3-S, CS341052DB1/2-07, CS3Y 1051DS1-07, CS3Y 1062DS/2-07, CS4 1051D1/2-07, CS4 1051DB1/2-07, CS4 1052D1/2-07, CS4 1061D1/2-07, CS4 1061D1/2-S, CS4 1061D3/1-S, CS4 1061D3/2-S, CS4 1061DB1/2-07, CS4 1062D1/2-07, CS4 1062D3/1-S, CS4 1062D3/2-S, CS4 1071DB1/2-07, CS4 1072D1/2-07, CS4 1072D3/1-S, CS4 1072D3/2-S, CS4 1172D1/2-07, CS4 1172D3/1-S, CS4 1172D3/2-S, CS4 1262D3/1-S, CS4 1262D3/2-07, CS4 1262D3/2-S, CS4 1272D3/1-S, CS4 1272D3/2-01, CS4 1272D3/2-07, CS4 1272D3/2-S, CS4 1372D3/1-S, CS4 1372D3/2-S, CS4 1461D3/1-UK, CS4 1472D3/1-S, CS4 147D3/1-80, CS44 128D1/2-07, CS44 1382D3/2-S, CS4Y 1052DS/2-07, CS4Y 1062DS/2-07, CS4Y 1072DS/2-07, CS4Y1051DS1/2-07, CSOW41065DC/1-80, CSP 1272TWS3-S, CSP 1282TWS3-S, CSP 1292TWS3-S, CSP 14102TWS3-S, CSS 1282D3-47, CSS 1282D3-S, CSS 128T3-01, CSS 1292D3-S, CSS 129T3-01, CSS 13102DB3-07, CSS 1382D3-S, CSS 14102D3-S, CSS 14102T3-01, CSS 1410TR3/1-47, CSS 1482D3-47, CSS 1482D3-S, CSS 1482DR3R-47, CSS 148T3DR-S, CSS 1492D3/1-S, CSS 1492D3-S, CSS 1492T3-01, CSS 149TR3-47, CSS 1592T3-01, CSS 1692D3-S, CSS1410TC3B/1-47, CSS1410TR3R/1-47, CSS34 1062D1-07, CSS34 1062DB1-07, CSS4 1062D1/2-07, CSS4 1072D1/2-07, CSS4 1162D1/2-07, CSS4 1262D3/2-07, CSS4 1272D3/1-S, CSS4 127T3DR/1-S, CSS4 1282D1/2-07, CSS4 1372D3/1-S, CSS4 1372T3/1-01, CSS4 1382D3/2-S, CSS41062DB1/2-07, CSS41072DB1/2-07, CSS41162DB1/2-07, CSS4127T3DR/1-01, CSS441282DB/2-07, CSW 4106D/5-47, CSW 4106D-47, CSW 475D-01, CSW 4852DE/1-80, CSW 485D-01, CSW 485D-80, CSW 496DBB-80, CSW 685D/1-80, CSW4 365D/2-07, CSWS 4106TR-47, CSWS 485D/5-01, CSWS40 364D/2-07, CSWS40 364D/2-S, CSWS40 364D-01, CSWS40464TDR/2-S, DCS341052D1/2-07, DCS4 1051D1/2-07, DCS4 1062D1/2-07, DCS4 1072D1/2-07, GCSW 485T/1-80, GCSW 485T-80, GCSW 496T/1-80, GCSW 496T-80, GCSW 496TBB-80, GVCSW 485TBB-80, GVCSW485TBB/1-80, GVF4137TWHB32-07, GVS 128D3/1-80, GVS 148D3/1-80, GVS 148D3-80, GVS 149D3/1-80, GVS 149D3-80, GVS 1511TH3/1-47, GVS 167T3/1-80, GVS4127TWB3/2-07, GVS4136TWB3/2-07, GVS44138THBN-16, GVSC 1410T3/1-80, GVSC 1410TB3B-80, GVSC 168T3/1-80, GVSC 168TB3B-80, GVSC 169T3/1-80, GVSC 169TB3B-80, HCS 1210T3/1-47, HCS 1292D3/1-S, HCS 1292D3-S, HCS4 1271D3/2-S, HCU 210D3-S, HCU 410TWH5-S, HCU 410TWHG5G-S, HGB 128THB7-S, HGB 1292D-S, HGB 129THB7-S, HGB 13102D/1-S, HGB 1410THB7/1-S, HGB 1411THB7/1-S, HGBW 1496THB/1-S, HGBW 1497THB/1-S, HGBW14107THB/1-S, HGS 1210T3/1-S, HGS 1210T3RDR-S, HGS 1210T3SDS-S, HGS 128T3-S, HGS 128TH3/1-S, HGS 128TH3-S, HGS 129T3-S, HGS 129TH3/1-S, HGS 129TH3-S, HGS 139T3DR-S, HGS 139T3-S, HGS 158T3DS/1-S, HGS 158T3DS-S, HGS 159T3DS/1-S, HGS 159T3DS-S, HGS1510TH3DS/1-S, HGS1511TH3DS/1-S, HGS4 1371D3/2-S, HGS4 157T3DS/1-S, HGS4 157T3DS/2-S, HGSW 485DSW/1-S, MCS4 1062D1/2-07, MCS4 1072D1/2-07, MCSS41262D3/2-07, MCSS41272D3/2-07, RCS3 1152DS/2-07, RCS341052D1/2-07, RCS4 1152D2/2-07, RCS4 1162D1/2-07, SGV44128TWB3-07
  • Genuine Hoover Candy part 

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