Compatible Bosch, Neff, Siemens Multi-Model Fitting Dishwasher Bearing Basket Kit.

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Compatible Bosch, Neff, Siemens Multi-Model Fitting Dishwasher Bearing Basket Kit.

Fits Models

PCD655MEU/01 SGI45E12GB/23 SGI45E12GB/29 SGI45E16GB/23 SGI45M55GB/35 SGI57M05GB/32 SGS45E02GB/56 SGS45E08GB/56 SGS46E02GB/75 SGS46E22GB/01 SGS46E22GB/82 SGS46E22GB/90 SGS46E26GB/01 SGS55E12GB/56 SGS57E22GB/73 SGS57E32GB/73 SGV53E03GB/55 SGV53E03GB/56 SGV53E03GB/70 SGV53E03GB/72 SGV53E03GB/74 SHV55M03GB/56 SHV55M03GB/70 SHV55M03GB/73 SHV55M03GB/79 SHV55M03GB/90 WVT126SGB/01 WVTI2840GB/04


B6774N0GB/02 S44E43B0GB/23 S44M45N5GB/82 S5453X1GB/55 S5453X1GB/56 S5453X1GB/70 S5453X1GB/72 S5453X1GB/74 S5555X0GB/55 S5555X0GB/70 S5555X0GB/73 S5555X0GB/79


HB86E560B/01 SE24M851GB/01 SE24T250GB/32 SE25M276GB/01 SE25M276GB/86 SE25T850GB/04 SE25T850GB/08 SE55M570GB/37 SE55M577GB/01 SE65E330GB/55 SE65E330GB/70 SE65E330GB/72 SE65E330GB/73 SE65E330GB/74 SL65M350GB/73 SL65M350GB/79

Multi-Model Fitting Dishwasher Bearing Basket Kit.
Compatible To Manufacturers part number: 428344

Colour Grey

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