Compatible Beko Flow Through Dishwasher Heating Element

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Compatible for Beko 1800w dishwasher flow through element. Fits a huge range of dishwasher models.

Equivalent to part number - 1888150100


    • 1800w
    • 230v
    • Heating Element 
    • Equivalent to part number -1888150100
    Fits Models
    Aftron: AFDW1212

    Ahma: GS2300 GS5300

    Andi: A3506W91067

    Bauknecht: GCFP4824WH GCFS4522WH GCI5919IX GCIKA6546IN

    Beko: D3421FS D3422F D3422FS D3422FSNEW D3422FSNEWVERS D3422FW D3422FWNEW D3422FWNEWVERS DE2431FS DE2431FW DE2541FW DE2541FX DE3430FS DE3430FW DE3431FS DE3431FW DE3541FS DE3541FW DE3542FS DE3542FW DE3761FS DE3761FW DE3762FS DE3762FW DE3861FS DE3861FW DE3861FW DE3861FWNEW DE6340S DE6340W DH1255X DI1254 DIN1400 DIN1400XN DIN1401XN DIN1402XN DIN1420 DIN1421 DIN1421SOG DIN1422 DIN1500 DIN1520 DIN1521 DIN1530 DIN1531 DIN1531XN DIN1532 DIN1532SOG DIN1535 DIN4530 DIN5530 DIN5532 DIN5630XN DIN5829 DIN5830 DIN5832XLN DIN5833 DIN5833XLN DSFN1530B DSFN1530S DSFN1530W DSFN1532B DSFN1532W DSFN5821 DSFN5821S DSFN5830 DSFN5830S DSFN6830 DSFN6830B DSFN6830S DSFN6830W DSFS1531B DSFS1531S DSFS1531W DSFS6530 DSFS6530S DSFS6531 DSFS6531B DSFS6531S DSFS6532 DSFS6532S DSFS6830 DSFS6830S DSFS6831 DSFS6831S DSN DSN1300 DSN1300BR DSN1300X DSN1300XP DSN1301 DSN1301X DSN1320X DSN1400XN DSN1401XN DSN140XN DSN141XN DSN142XN DSN143XN DSN1520 DSN1520BR DSN1520X DSN1520XN DSN1521 DSN1521X DSN1521XN DSN152XN DSN2401 DSN2401B DSN2401X DSN2420X DSN2500 DSN2500B DSN2500BSOG DSN2500X DSN2501 DSN2501B DSN2501X DSN2502 DSN2502B DSN2502X DSN2530 DSN2530B DSN2530X DSN3720I DSN4530 DSN4530B DSN4530X DSN4531XN DSN5610X DSN6530 DSN6530X DSN6820X DSN6830 DSN6830B DSN6830X DSN6833 DSN6833B DSN6833X DSN6833XSOG DSN6834 DSN6834B DSN6834BSOG DSN6834X DSN6834XSOG DSN6835 DSN6835B DSN6835X DSN6836 DSN6836B DSN6836X DSN6837B DSN6837X DW450 DW600 DW601 DW602 DW686 DWD4310S DWD4310W DWD4311S DWD4311W DWD4312S DWD5410S DWD5410W DWD5411S DWD5411W DWD8650S DWD8650W DWD8650X DWD8657S DWD8657S/1 DWD8657W DWD8657W/1 DWD8657X DWD8657X/1 DWD8667W DWI643 DWLT65 DWLT68 FDW45 FDW60 HDA8630

    Dedietrich: DVY640JE1 DVY640WE1

    Diplomat: ADP8630 ADP8640

    Flavel: DWF640S DWF640W DWFA20S DWFA20W

    Howden: HJA8362 HJA8630 HJA8640

    Hygena: HJA8362 HJA8630 HJA8640

    Leisure: DWLT48 DWLT65

    Proline: DW12 DWP52A DWP52ASOG DWP5512

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