CCM Black Spot Remover - 5 Litres - Patio and Driveway Stubborn Mark Remover

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Our fantastic CCM black spot remover removes unsightly and stubborn marks caused by moss, mould, algae and other factors. Made to completely rejuvenate your outdoor hard surfaces.

For use on block paving, concrete flags, steps, paths and patio areas.

Ultimate black spot remover for professional or home use.

Bring outdoor hard flooring areas up like new with minimal effort.

Great when used with our CCM Patio Cleaner and Path Clear.

Removes Stubborn Black Spots from Patios and Paving

Unsightly black spots covering your patio or driveway? Clean them up fast with CCM’s max-strength Black Spot Remover! It’s a fast-acting formula that breaks down the mould, and algae that can cause black spots, leaving your hard surfaces looking brand new.

Use on Any Stone Paving

You can use Black Spot Remover on patios, drives, paving slabs, sandstone, and any other kind of stone or concrete.

Cleans and Clears Patios and Driveways

Black spots are known as lichen, and they appear when bacteria or algae combine with a fungus. The two organisms then anchor themselves to a surface to create stubborn black spots that are nearly impossible to remove. Black Spot Remover breaks down the source of those stubborn spots - bacteria, algae, and fungus - from hard surfaces, so you can simply rinse them away!

Works Fast

This super-strong solution can break down black spots in as little as 2 hours. Just spray it on, leave it to soak, and rinse away!

Leave Your Patio Spotless

Black Spot Remover cleans dirt and removes moss as well, so it can completely rejuvenate your hard surfaces!

  • 5l
Directions For Use
  • We advise using a pump sprayer for even distribution and maximum coverage.
  • Alternatively this solution can be used with a watering can.
  • For best results, use neat and leave for at least 2 hours or overnight if possible.
  • Apply to affected area and agitate with a brush if possible to speed up process.
  • Once solution has been applied and left to work, wash down with a hose or watering can.
  • Not suitable for tarmac, fencing or decking.
  • Only when dry may children and pets be reintroduced to the area.
  • DO NOT use when rain is expected in the following 8 hours.

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