Bosch Siemens Beko 1956H7 Washing Machine Drive Belt - 1956 H7

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High quality replacement poly drive belt to fit a range of washing machines by Beko, Bosch, Siemens and others.

Size: 1956 H7


Fits Models
  • Bosch
    T2000, T456, T456/00, T456/01, T4562, T45635/00, T45659/00, T45659/01, T465, T4652, T465259B/00, T4652B/00, T46559B/00, T465B/00, T468B/00, T61035B/00, T610B/00, WMT200014B/00, WMT2000B/00, WMT4560021/00, WMT4560351/00, WMT4560591/00, WMT4562/00, WMT4562/01, WMT465002B/00, WMT465059B/00, WMT465259B/00, WMT4652B/00, WMT468014B/00, WMT610002B/00, WMT610035B/00, WTA2200/02, WTA2210/01, WTA2300/01, WTA2300/02, WTA2310/01, WTA2310/02, WTA2310DC/01, WTA2310DC/02, WTA2310GB/01, WTA2400/01, WTA2400/02, WTA2400DC/01, WTA2400DC/02, WTA2400SI/01, WTA2400SI/02, WTA2410/01, WTA2410/02, WTA2410DC/01, WTA2410DC/02, WTA2410SI/01, WTA2410SI/02, WTA2460/01, WTA2460/02, WTA2480/01, WTA2480/02, WTA2480FG/02, WTA2500/01, WTA2500/02, WTA2510/01, WTA2510/02, WTA2510GB/01, WTA2710/01, WTA2710/04, WTA2710CH/01, WTA2710CH/04, WTA2710GB/01, WTA2710GB/04, WTA2730/01, WTA2730/04, WTA2730CH/04, WTA2730GB/01, WTA2730GB/04, WTA2760/01, WTA2760/04, WTA2910/01, WTA2910/03, WTA2910/04, WTA2910DC/01, WTA2910DC/03, WTA2910DC/04, WTA2910GB/01, WTA2910GB/03, WTA2910GB/04, WTA2910JK/01, WTA2910JK/03, WTA2910JK/04, WTA2960/01, WTA2960/03, WTA2960/04, WTA2960/07, WTA2980/01, WTA2980/03, WTA2980/04

  • Siemens
    WT2720(00), WT2720/01, WT2722(00), WT2722/01, WT280053B(00), WT280059B(00), WT2800B(00), WT2850B(00), WT2852B(00), WT32101/02, WT32110/01, WT33000/01, WT33000/02, WT33001/01, WT33010/01, WT33010/02, WT34000/01, WT34001/01, WT34001/02, WT34010/01, WT34010/02, WT34600/01, WT34600/02, WT34800/01, WT34800/02, WT38000/01, WT38001/01, WT38001/02, WT42110/01, WT42110/04, WT42310/01, WT42310/04, WT42310EE/01, WT42310EE/04, WT42310IL/04, WT42330/01, WT42330EE/01, WT42330GB/01, WT42330IL/01, WT42330SK/01, WT44010(00), WT44010/01, WT44010/03, WT44010/04, WT44010/07, WT44010DC/01, WT44010DC/03, WT44010DC/04, WT44010DC/07, WT44030/01, WT44030DC/01, WT44600/01, WT44600/04, WT44600/07, WT44630/01, WT44720/01, WT44730/01, WT44800/01, WT44800/03, WT44800/04, WT44800/07, WT44830/01, WT50005/3B, WT50005/9B, WT5000B(00), WT5012B(00), WTA2733GB/01

  • Beko
    DC7110W, DC7112W, DC7120, DC713, DC7130, DC7130S
  • 1956mm
  • H7
  • 1956H7

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