Black & Decker 5.3kW / 6.6kVA Electric-Start Silenced Diesel Generator - BXGND5300E

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The Black & Decker BXGND5300E Electric-Start Diesel Generator is ideal for backup power and is able to provide up to 5.3kW/6.6kVA of single-phase 230v power.

Its AVR alternator produces a clean Sine Wave power output which means it’s suitable for powering sensitive electrical equipment such as laptops, PCs, TVs, home essentials etc.

This 3000rpm diesel generator should be able to power most small compressors, power tools or even welders up to around 150amp. If you are looking for a generator you could pop in your pickup to transport around and fix machinery on the fly then this Black and Decker generator is ideal - it’s great for mobile field and agricultural repairs.

The B&D BXGND5300E diesel generator is fitted with a sound-reducing canopy which makes it relatively quiet at only 96dB. However, as with any diesel engine, just like a car, the sound created by running the diesel engine can still be heard.

This 3000rpm air-cooled generator would be classed as a silent generator within the market. This is common in the generator industry due to the sound attenuation used within the enclosed canopy. However, this generally means the unit is silenced, not actually silent

This canopy also has an easy access panel within the canopy for accessing the battery, filters or fuses, making any routine maintenance very simple to do.

The B&D BXGND5300E quiet generator has the ability to run off red diesel, making it a cost-effective solution for backup, farm or workshop power requirements. It would use around 1L per hour on half load, giving you around 16 hours of run time. Red diesel is usually cheaper to purchase and is fine to use without the risk of voiding your warranty.

Featuring electric-start technology which makes it simple to start your generator each and every time, this compact, small generator also has a convenient digital control panel that displays the frequency, voltage and total run time so you can keep easily keep track of use and recommended service intervals, to maintain your generator and prevent avoidable breakdowns.

Compatible with an optional sold separately Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), when your home or business loses power, for example in a power cut, it will automatically switch your generator on to ensure that it’s business as usual. Once power is restored, the ATS will switch back to mains power and turn your generator off, to ensure that your generator will only be used when needed.

The BXGND5300E is able to provide 5300W / 5.3kW of power. Will this suit your power needs? We recommend that you can make a list of all items you want to run from the generator in the event of a power cut and then check the sticker/spec plate of the item. They usually state what power they require somewhere on the appliance. Make a list of the power requirement of all items, and if the wattage adds up to 5000W or just less than that amount, this is the generator for you!

With all 3000rpm generators, they are ideal for infrequent use around the farm, in workshops or for backup power supply in the event of a power cut. However, they are not meant to be used for ‘Prime’ power. For continuous use, you should look at investing in a water-cooled 1500rpm generator.

As well as being the well-known and trusted brand of Black & Decker, for your peace of mind, the BXGND5300E also comes with a 2 year guarantee*.

      • MANUFACTURER Black & Decker
      • MAX. ENGINE SPEED (RPM) 3000.00
      • FUEL TANK CAPACITY (L) 16.00
      • WARRANTY 2 Year
      • RATED POWER (KW) 5kW/6.25kVA
      • FREQUENCY (HZ) 50.00
      • DIMENSIONS (MM) 920 x 520 x 740mm (L x W x H)
      • NOISE (DB @ 7M) 70dB
      • NOISE (DBA @ 1M) 96dB
      • MAXIMUM RUN TIME (HR) 16 hours of run time @ 50% load
      • STARTING METHOD Electric
      • NET WEIGHT (KG) 150.00
      • COOLING METHOD Air-cooled
      • AC VOLTAGE 230v/240v
      • ENGINE TYPE Diesel

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