Beko, Gaggenau, Whirlpool AKB EKC Series Heating Element 2600W

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Compatible high quality Beko, Gaggenau, Whirlpool and Philips electric cooker fan oven heating Element 2600W, 230V.

Fits many models. 

195mm width

220mm Height (inc bracket)

Fits Models
  • BLZG1000, BLZG1000BE, BLZG1000BR, BLZG1000SP, BLZG1000WS, BMZ1000, BMZ1000BR, BMZ1000IN, BMZ1000SW, BMZ1000WS, ELZA1480/1BR, ELZA1480/1SP, ELZA1480/1SW, ELZA1480/1WS, ELZG1480, ELZG1480BR, ELZG1480SP, ELZG1480SW, ELZG1480WS, EMMT1480, EMMT1480WS, EMZE1480BR, EMZE1480IN, EMZE1480SP, EMZE1480SW, EMZE1480WS, EMZE7480BR, EMZE7480WS, EMZU1480, EMZU1480BE, EMZU1480BR, EMZU1480SP, EMZU1480WS, ESZ1480, ESZ1480/1IN, ESZ1480BR, ESZ1480IN, ESZ1480WS, ESZ741, ESZ741BR, ESZ741WS, ESZ7480BR, ESZ7480WS, SLZK1680WS, SMZ1510WS, SMZ1514G/WS, SMZ1516E/WS, SMZ1610WS, SMZ1614G/WS, SMZ1616E/WS, SMZK1540WS, SMZK1544G/WS, SMZK1546E/WS, BLMG1000, BLMG1000/BR, BLMG1000/IN, BLMG1000/WS, BLMG1000BR, BLMG1000IN, BLMG1000WS, ELMG1480, ELMG1480BR, ELMG1480IN, ELMG1480SP, ELMG1480WS, EMMT1480BR, EMMT1480WS, SLMK1680WS, SMMK1550WS, SMMK1650WS, BLZG1000-GB, BLZG1000BR-GB, BLZG1000WS-GB, BMZE1000-GB, BMZE1000GB, BMZE1000WS-GB, BMZE1004GB, BMZE1004WS-GB, BMZU1004GB, BMZU1004WS-GB, BMZU1004WSGB
  • 195mm width

  • 220mm Height (inc bracket)

  • 2600w
  • 240v

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