Why Choose ICE?

Choosing a piece of commercial floor cleaning equipment can be tough. The market is flooded with a huge range of machines from lots of different manufacturers all offering slight differences. So why did we choose to sell ICE (Intelligent Cleaning Equipment) machines over other brands?


One of the main reasons is our focus on being as environmentally friendly as we possibly can. So how is choosing a new machine being environmentally friendly?

We choose who we work with, and what machines we supply extremely carefully. The reason for this is because we want to ensure that any machine we supply will be used for many years to come with minimal breakdowns and call outs. The ICE range of machines are built solidly, using top quality parts and components and are rigorously tested in all types of environments to withstand years of constant use.

This results in a machine that will require very little maintenance, meaning parts need changing or replacing far less frequently than others might. Break downs and failures are almost unheard of with the ICE floor cleaning machines, meaning less call outs, less replacement parts and more time using the machine for what it is intended to do.

Because the ICE range of machines are available with cylindrical, disc or orbital decks, often the use of chemicals can be far less, if not stopped all together. Getting a deep clean and fantastic results using just tap water can have a huge impact on the environment as well as saving the operator money.



ICE machines are made to last, and that's obvious from the first time you use and get up close to any of the range. Made from durable, top quality materials and components, the machines feel premium even years down the line. Using only the very best components and materials available, ICE machines are ultra reliable, which is crucial to anyone investing in floor cleaning equipment. In the hugely unlikely event that a component did fail or was damaged, it can be replaced easily and promptly due to a fantastic supply of spare parts and components for the complete range.



One of the most important things for us as a supplier is providing the right piece of equipment to leave our customers with outstanding results each and every time the machine is used. The ICE range certainly does not disappoint. With a large range of machines available in varying sizes, with a range of disc, cylindrical or orbital choices of deck, we can always supply a suitable machine for any task in any type of setting.



Another hugely important factor in any decision to purchase new cleaning equipment is cost. ICE machines are a premium range of equipment, without the premium price tag. Because of the initial low purchase price of this equipment, your return on investment will be huge. Imagine seeing your full investment returned in some instances within the first year of ownership, then continuing to use the machine to get unbeatable results for many years to come?

We also partner with a leading finance provider who can facilitate in financing larger pieces of equipment from us with some great tax advantages for any sized business.


More About ICE:

ICE Cobotics is a technology and cleaning solutions company working to improve wellbeing worldwide.

ICE Companies was founded in 2011 and rebranded globally in 2022 as ICE Cobotics. ICE Cobotics is a global leader in cleaning technologies and equipment.

We’re passionate about making a difference in the cleaning industry by producing equipment and technology designed to improve the wellbeing of cleaning professionals, building occupants, and ultimately improve wellbeing worldwide. 

To develop smart and collaborative cleaning technologies that result in happier cleaning teams and greater efficiency.


Want more info or to see the equipment and result for yourself?

Please contact us for more information, or to arrange a demonstration of the ICE machines. Getting hands on, and seeing what a difference the machines can make to your workplace and team members is important, and we want to help with that and show you what these amazing bits of a kit are capable of.


View the available range here.