Repair, Dont Replace! Why its better to repair a broken appliance

Thousands of home appliances get thrown away each year, often unnecessarily when a small and often inexpensive repair can be made to get many more years of service from the appliance.

Up to three-quarters of all broken down appliances are replaced with a new unit rather than being repaired, which is often costly, and causes up to two million tonnes of household and business e-waste every single year.

Not only is this harmful to the environment, but repair costs are often a fraction of the cost of replacing a broken-down appliance. Now more than ever, many households are having to watch what they spend, and the surprise cost of a new appliance to replace a broken down one can be a financial burden on already tight budgets.

We are on a mission to change this, supplying quality, low cost appliance spares for a huge variety of appliances that can often be easily swapped or replaced.

In most cases, a repair is a lot simpler than you may think. Most parts are made to be easily exchanged and are often a direct replacement as well as being easy to access.

Not sure how to fit the required parts?

There are lots of resources now available online completely free of charge to help. Restarters Wiki, and YouTube are all great platforms that often have in depth video tutorials and advice on how best to repair your appliance. 

We are also available for any advice we may be able to offer, including tips and techniques on how best to fit your new spare parts.

Not sure what part may be faulty?

Again, there is heaps of information available online free of charge, and we to can help advise and fault find your appliance. Although we could never be 100% sure without physically inspecting your appliance, we can often help point out why an appliance is no longer working as it should.

So, for anyone considering replacing an appliance rather than repairing it, please keep in mind these points:

  • Repairing is FAR better for the environment than replacing.
  • Repairing is CONSIDERABLY CHEAPER and could save you £100's.
  • Repairing could teach you a brand-new skill set.