V-Tuf Ruckvac Cordless Industrial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner M-Class Rated

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The V-TUF RuckVac-iON is a Battery Backpack vacuum cleaner that has been designed with M-Class (99.99% filtration efficiently) H13 Hepa Filtration, to trap harmful pathogens that sit on dust particles that would normally be inhaled into the lungs of the workforce. The RuckVac-ION protects the user and surrounding personnel from these harmful pathogens being lifted and exhausted back into the air. The H13 Hepa Filer also acts as an Allergy filter and filters out Allergens, dust and dander. In UK up to 1 in 3 of us suffer from dust-related allergies, triggered by minuscule allergens, such as pollen, pet dander and dust mites found hiding all around our homes and workplaces. Virtually invisible to the naked eye, these unwelcome guests pass easily through even the most  of household vacuums and into the air (breathing space). These airborne enemies stay in the air for up to 8 hours. Luckily the V-TUF RUCKVAC-ION is here to help! Equipped with a HEPA H13 filter, the RUCKVAC-ION is much more than any ordinary vacuum cleaner, and traps particles up to 800 times smaller in width than a human hair.

Why use the V-TUF RuckVac? It is easy to clean confined spaces, while picking up every micron of dirt off the floor with the super-powerful strong suction! Operation of the machine is simple and convenient, and the comfortable padded shoulder & waist straps can easily to adjusted to suit the different preferences of operators, to ensure a comfortable fit.

Be prepared to be impressed by how lightweight the machine is (7KG including battery) , portable, long-lasting, reliable, rugged cordless backpack industrial vacuum cleaner. Simply switch on, and clean, and be prepared to be impressed with the fantastic cleaning results. The V-TUF RuckVac-ION has an integrated air flow monitor which has a bleeper should you have any issues or blockages in the hose or filter, along with a battery monitor gauge always showing the current battery life available, whilst in use.

 With freedom to move anywhere at any time, the RUCKVAC-ION battery powered vacuum provides high power, strong suction, and a long run time of up to 60 minutes of continuous cleaning. With a quick charge time of 2 ½ hours, so we recommend you having a spare battery nearby (battery order code: VTM516), as a good idea, giving you the ability to clean through a whole shift, with no interruptions.

Product Features & Benefits:
  • Comfortable Straps
  • Powerful Suction
  • Robust Durable Build
  • M-Class H13 99.99% Hepa Filtration
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to Operate
              • Air Flow (Litres/Second): 17 Litres/Second (62 cbm/hour)
              • Vacuum Suction (mBar/kPa): 250 mBar
              • Vacuum Type: Dry Use Only
              • TANK SIZES: 5L
              • HEALTH RATING (LUNG SAFE): M CLASS (Minimum protection requirement against dust and allergy)
              • Filter Type: Washable (Wash with warm water - ensure filter is dry before use)
              • Filter Bag: M-Class Hepa H13 (99.9%) Rated (VTM501)
              • Power Cable: N/A (Cordless)
              • Extraction Velocity Monitor: Yes (Indicator on On/Off Control)
              • Accessories Included: 32mm: 1.5m Hose, Steel Tubes & Elbow, Crevice Tool, Round Brush, Universal Stepped Power Tool Adaptor, Carpet Floor Head Cleaning Tool (with spinning Turbo Brush), Hard Floor Cleaning Tool, & 5x Bags
              • Warranty: 12 Months
              • Product Dimensions: Box: (L) 860 x (W) 405 x (D) 310mmVac: (H) 580 x (W) 400 x (D) 300mm
              • Weight: Nett: 7kg / Gross: 12kg

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