The Original Fur Eater Pet Hair Removal Tool - Fits Most Vacuums - Specially Designed Rubber Fins Remove Stubborn Hair

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The original Genuine Fur Eater pet hair removal tool. This tool is specially designed to remove even the most stubborn of pet hair from most carpeted and upholstered surfaces. Special angled rubber fins pulls hair from almost any type of carpeted or upholstered areas effortlessly.

  • REMOVES PERSISTENT FUR: The FurEater is specifically designed to remove fur from car seats, clothing, mats, carpets, furniture, upholstery, etc. It is suitable for all surfaces and forms of animal hair. The FurEater is ideal for pet and horse owners as well as people with allergies.
  • PATENTED LAMELLAE TECHNOLOGY: Specifically developed lamellae ensure that the hairs present in textiles and on surfaces are removed and then vacuumed. The antistatic properties of the materials used prevent the FurEater from getting dirty quickly.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The FurEater can be easily cleaned in lukewarm water. Do this regularly to ensure the friction in the area of the lamellae.
  • FUNCTIONAL AND COMPATIBLE: The FurEater fits 99% of all types of hoovers - Miele, Electrolux, AEG, Bosch, Siemens, Philips, Nilfisk, Henry (all hoovers with tube dimensions 32mm or 35mm). The attachment can also be used manually as a brush without a hoover. Surfaces can be freed from hairs by brushing them off.
  • HIGH LONGEVITY: The use of high-quality materials (ABS, TPE, galvanised steel) guarantees a long durability. The product is manufactured in Denmark and meets European standards.

Attach the FurEater mouth piece to your vacuum cleaner or use it by hand.

FurEater works without any rotating or hair cluttering mechanisms and the patented soft micro fins remove pet hair and dirt efficiently.


Having trouble cleaning your car after driving your best friend? The original FurEater pet hair remover removes stubborn dog hair easily and efficiently from cars, mats and carpets. Come on Buddy, let’s go for a ride!


Your cat might be cute when it is sitting on your lap or wandering about like a king in your house, but it can leave you in a hairy situation. The FurEater removes cat hair from your clothes and furniture – fast and easy.


The FurEater is also suitable for cleaning saddles and horse equipment. Just pull the FurEater to remove stubborn hair. You don’t even need a vacuum cleaner, so you can use the FurEater in the stable without scaring your horse. Now go get that carrot!

Fits models
  • Universal - Fits most vacuum cleaners
  • Adaptors may be required for Dyson models


    • Connector size:  32 and 35 mm

    • Weight: 111 Gram

    • Width: 160 mm

    • Height: 103 mm

    • Depth: 125 mm

    • Color: Black


    • Upper: ABS

    • Brush: TPE

    • Screws: Galvanized steel

    • Compliant with REACH and RoHS

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