SkyVac Internal 78 With High Suction Pole Set - Upto 40ft - 240v

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Extremely powerful and robust, the skyVac® Internal 78 high-level vacuuming system is ideal for heavy duty internal high-access cleaning.  For the rapid removal of the densest of dust and debris up to 40ft from the safety of the ground by a single operator.

With two industrial motors delivering 2600Watts of power and 7166LPM air flow, the system comes with light weight carbon fibre poles and a range of end tools. 

Keeping on top of high-level cleaning and dusting is challenging – but an essential part of property maintenance.

The Internal 78, with its high reach carbon fibre poles, makes high level dusting, safe, easy and convenient.  With minimum disruption to the working area, a single operative can access projects up to 40ft, all from the safety of the ground. 

Powerful Industrial Vacuum System:

Keeping dust particles contained is a critical part of the cleaning process. 

Dry brushing or dusting can disperse fine particles into the air.  Once airborne, dust can drift throughout the location before settling on surfaces over time.   The powerful 7166 Litres Per Minute air flow, sucks up and removes these fine dust particles, preventing them becoming airborne. 

High Level vacuuming is an efficient and effective way to capture and remove dust at source, stopping it from becoming airborne and drifting down to low level surfaces. 

The system is supplied with 5x dust bags for convenient waste removal, but equally can be used without. 

The Internal 78, with its high reach carbon fibre poles, makes high level dusting, safe, easy and convenient.  With minimum disruption to the working area, a single operative can access projects up to 40ft, all from the safety of the ground. 


Mobile & Versatile: 

Mounted on a sturdy trolley with lockable wheels, the industrial vacuum is easy to manoeuvre around locations and secure in place.

With a large drum capacity, the Internal 78 vacuum is ideal for heavy duty cleaning projects in large locations such as:

  • Factories
  • Airports
  • Hospitals 
  • Shopping centres
  • Churches
  • Universities
  • Stately homes 


Customised High-Level Access: 

The high-level suction poles, neck angles and end tools can be tailored to suit the requirements of each high access dusting project.  So, whether you are clearing electrical tracks, air conditioning ducts and vents or other hard to reach locations, the system can be customised to your needs.

The suction poles are lightweight and rigid for maximum control thanks to their carbon fibre / fibre glass hybrid construction.  At just 310gms per 1.5M suction pole, a single operator can power through high access cleaning projects up to 40ft, without a strenuous upper body workout. 

Supplied with an assortment of end tools, to get in, over, under, across or down the side of your high (or low level) cleaning project. 


Safe & cost effective: 

Maintaining a safe and clean working environment is easier, more convenient, cost effective and less disruptive with high access cleaning equipment.  

With no need for costly high access equipment and with minimal health and safety requirements, cleaning can be carried out on a regular basis.  This is essential for areas with high hygiene standards, such as food preparation areas.  Regular duct cleaning is also a standard requirement with many insurance companies. 


High Level Internal Vacuuming in a range of internal environments such as airports, shopping centres hospitals, hotels, factories and other industrial buildings.


      skyVac® Internal 78 Machine:

      • 2600 Watts (2 x 1300 motors).
      • 240V Mains powered vacuum 
      • 7166LPM Air flow
      • 50mm front entry port
      • Click lock Vac to hose attachment
      • Removable Vac head – secured with latches
      • 5 x Filter Dust bags 
      • All-terrain tipping chassis housing the stainless-steel unit for ease of movement
      • Front locking casters to keep unit in place during use.
      • Drum can be removed from chassis to access tight locations
      • Easy to empty, simply unclip and remove the motor housing from the drum. Tilt the drum on the chassis and tip the contents away.
      • Removable and washable filter housed securely behind a protection plate for minimal maintenance.

      skyVac® Internal Suction Pole Set:

      • skyVac® Carbon Fibre Hybrid Push Fit suction poles. 
      • 1.5 metre tapered end push fit suction pole 
      • 310gms Carbon Fibre Hybrid 
      • 44mm diameter  
      • lightweight and rigid, for ease of use and control on high level dusting projects. 

      skyVac® Internal Accessories:

      • 2 x angled tool holders (65 and 155 degrees to accommodate the tools)
      • 6 x specialist brushes to accommodate a variety of angles, surfaces and access and projects.  From tight angles behind radiators, through to dusting high-level pipes and ducting, and walls and ledges. 
      • 1x Anti-static connector.
      • 6M of 38mm anti-static hose
        Supplied With
        • skyVac® 78 Commercial Vacuum System
        • 1.5M in length, 44mm diameter, carbon fibre hybrid (carbon fibre / fibre glass Mix) Push fit poles.
        • 5 x Cloth Filter Bags 
        • 2 x tool holders at (65 and 155 degrees) to accommodate 32mm Diameter tools 
        • 6M of 38mm anti-static hose
        • 1 x Anti-static connector (fits inside base 44m skyVac® suction hose and hose to pole cuff). 
        • 1 x Round end dusting brush (32mm Diameter) 
        • 1 x Flat edge rotating neck brush – 135mm bristles (32mm Diameter)
        • 1 x flat edge brush - 120mm bristles (32mm Diameter)
        • 1 x Curved brush 100mm (ideal for high level ducts & pipes). (32mm Diameter). 
        • 1 x Flexi-Neck brush 200mm (32mm Diameter). 
        • 1 x radiator end brush (slots on top of crevice end nozzle). 
        • 1 x Crevice end nozzle 
        • 1 x Branded carry case

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