ProRestore 9-D-9 Highly Concentrated Smoke Odour Counteractant

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9-D-9 is a general purpose smoke odor counteractant specially formulated to manage fire, smoke and other strong odors.

Blended with the finest-quality ingredients, 9-D-9 detoxifies and knock down malodors fast and efficiently.

9-D-9 also contains surfactants that help it penetrate into odor damaged surfaces. The surfactants help 9-D-9 disperse when it is used as an odor control additive in water based cleaning solutions. When applied to porous or absorbent materials, the solvents in ready-to-use (RTU) solutions of 9-D-9 vaporize and dry rapidly thus promoting the desorption of smoky malodors from treated surfaces. 9-D-9 is used in three different applications:

  • 1. Suppression spraying for immediate knockdown of odor. Suppression spraying is the first step in the Unsmoke® 3-Step Odor Removal Process. See below* for a summary of thissystem.
  • 2. As an additive to water-based cleaning solutions
  • 3. As an additive to Unsoot #1 in deodorizing presealers. In this application, the presealer is applied to surfaces that might otherwise be a source of secondary soot contamination such as charred framing. The addition of 9-D-9 provides enhanced odor control.

Professional use only:

Add 23ml of 9-D-9 per 1L (1:43 Ratio) of water to make ready-to-use solution. Saturate smoke residue deposits with compression or electric sprayer. Do not use with a fogger.

Detoxifying smoke and fire damaged job sites:

Treating smoke-damaged surfaces and charred materials with 9-D-9 solution inhibits the evaporation of toxic fire-related gases. For charred wood or additional odour control: mix 23ml of Last Resort™ to each 3.8L (1:165 Ratio) of 9-D-9 solution as prepared above.

For use with other products 9-D-9 may be added to other water-based cleaning solutions to increase their effectiveness.

    • UNIT SIZE:  3.8L Bottle
    • FORM:  Liquid
    • PH:  7.7
    • FLASH POINT:  81º F | 27.2º C

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