Motor Scrubber Blade Mopping System - Includes Blade and S-Fibre Pad

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Blade By Motor Scrubber

Pressure. Precision. Performance.

BLADE - The 2 in 1, Power Squeegee + Ultra-Microfibre System, delivers powerful performance and unbeatable clean.

MotorScrubber Blade

Power Squeegee

The sharp, flexible squeegee blade, effortlessly leaves floors instantly dry.


Blade Mopping System

Mopping System

Transform BLADE into the ultimate mopping system, by simply attaching Ultra-Microfibre to the Power Squeegee.

Phenomenal Pressure.

The Power Squeegee exerts up to 80x more surface pressure onto the Ultra-Microfibre, resulting in increased dirt removal with every clean.


Admirable Precision.

Ergonomically designed to effortlessly cut into edges and grout.


Impressive Performance.

Built-in, three way jets, spray fresh solution activated by the push of a button.


Say Goodbye To Buckets.

Quick refill handle and water level indicator eliminates the need for buckets.


Clean Design.  

Intelligent frame design allows for easy cleaning. No velcro or pockets = No dirt build up.


Fully Interchangeable. No-Touch Cloth System.

Slide the Ultra-Microfibre into the channel to attach. Slide down to remove. 


Reversible. Up To 4x Greater Coverage.

Reset the Power Squeegee on the Ultra-Microfibre to reveal a clean section. Once dirty, flip for continued clean use.

    • Up to 80x more surface pressure
    • 27oz Solution Capacity
    • 3 Built-in Jets
    • Up to 4x More Coverage
    • Up to 500 Wash Cycles (Fibres)
    • Handle
      Refillable rubber cap.
      Water level Indicator.
      Non-Slip handle for wall positioning.
    • Frame
      Power Squeegee - refills available.
      Channel to attached Ultra-Microfibre.
    • Ultra-Microfibres
      Colour Coded Tabs
      Machine washable - Up to 500 wash cycles

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