Karcher Professional BR45/22 C - Battery Scrubber Dryer Cylindrical Head

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Even large spaces often have to contend with the odd narrow area or cluttered furniture. Our BR 45/22 C Bp Pack scrubber drier is the ideal choice for these challenging situations.

Equipped with a roller brush head which rotates 200° in either direction thanks to KART steering technology (Kärcher Advanced Response Technology), it delivers a large working width combined with exceptional manoeuvrability - ideally suited to highly cluttered floor spaces.

At the same time, the positioning of the brush and squeegees - which are always aligned to match the direction of travel - ensures an increase in the area performance and a uniform cleaning result. Our built-in, high-power lithium-ion batteries offer a up to 3x longer lifetime than conventional lead batteries and are also completely maintenance-free.

Using the innovative eco!efficiency mode can increase their run time even more significantly as well as reducing operating noise by around 40% - ideal for daytime cleaning. The optional HEPA filter removes the exhaust air from the dirty water, allowing you to work in hygiene-sensitive areas.

Rotatable brush head

  • Enables extreme manoeuvrability of the machine, even in areas with a lot of furniture and when negotiating curves.
  • The brush is always transverse to the direction of travel. The suction bar reliably absorbs the water in every corner.
  • Cleaning and vacuuming in reverse is easily possible.

Includes high-performance lithium-ion battery

  • Maintenance-free and with a service life that is up to three times longer than conventional batteries.
  • Partial and opportunity charging is possible.
  • Very fast charging times (full charge in 3 hours, half charge in 1 hour)

    Energy-saving eco!efficiency mode

    • Reduces energy use and extends the run time of the battery by up to 50%.
    • Reduces operating noise by up to 40%
    • Energy savings also reduce the total CO₂ "footprint" of the machine.

    Compact design

    • Makes it possible to drive away from walls at a 90° angle.
    • Ergonomic design makes handling easier

    Very lightweight

    • Around 35% lighter than comparable machines on the market
    • Easily portable
    • Easy to transport.

    Folding handlebar

    • Easily stored
    • Suitable for transport in small vehicles.

    Powerful built in charger

    • Charging the battery is possible at all times.
    • Can be fully recharged in three hours or semi-charged in one hour. Interim charges are possible at any time.
    • Charger automatically switches itself off. No energy consumption in standby operation.

    Roller technology

    • High contact pressure for removing stubborn dirt.
    • Very good even on rough floor coverings or for cleaning crevices.
    • Extremely good cleaning results

    Includes sweeping function

    • Efficiently sweep, scrub and vacuum in a single procedure.
    • Vacuums small stones, splinter of wood and other small parts.
    • Promotes optimal squeegee performance

    Supplied With
    • Machine Complete
    • Battery
    • Charger
                      • Current type (V) 25.2
                      • Working width of brushes (mm) 450
                      • Working width, vacuuming (mm) 500
                      • Rated input power (W) up to 550
                      • Battery (V/Ah) 25.2 / 42
                      • Battery runtime (h) max. 2
                      • Max. Area Performance (m²/h) 1800
                      • Fresh/dirty water tank (l) 22 / 22
                      • Brush contact pressure (g/cm²) 100 - 150
                      • Brush speed (rpm) 750 / 1050
                      • Weight incl. packaging (kg) 58
                      • Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 970 x 530 x 1115

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